Here are the best anti-war rock songs that represent faith in the Ukrainian resistance



Folk and rock anthems in response to the Russian invasion created an air of nationalism and unity among Ukrainians. Besides the explicit protest in their lyrics, they recall other historical periods of conflict in the country.

It is not uncommon to perceive a relationship between the sacred and the profane in musical references. To understand the place of faith in this context, selected five songs that capture some of the spirit of the Ukrainian resistance.

1) “They strictly impose brotherhood on us, but Cain was not a brother of Abel”

The irrationality of war and violence shines through in “A Song About The New War”, about a breakdown in the bond and trust between brothers. It refers to the biblical story of the first murder, when Cain killed his brother Abel. The lyrics are a battle cry: “It will be a sea of ​​tears!” And we will have to fight with our chest.

State ensemble Lietuva teamed up with rock band Thundertale to compose the song in February, following a request from Ukrainian fighters in Kyiv. Influences came from speeches by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and a well-known anti-war song referenced by him, “Do the Russians want wars?

Lietuva and Thundertale are bands that boast the nation. Lietuva is a state ensemble that works on many fronts of music and dance, bringing the tradition of Lithuanian folk music. Thundertale are one of the best-known metal bands in the heavy/power metal scene, often recalling history in their compositions and known by the slogan “For the Fatherland”.

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