Here are Lady Gaga’s best Christmas songs to stream this holiday season



Sometimes Lady Gaga’s Christmas music emphasizes her jazz side, as with her version of “Winter Wonderland”. Other times, this Grammy-winning artist explores her love for pop, such as with the 2009 release, “Christmas Tree.” Here’s what we know about some of Lady Gaga’s best Christmas songs.

Lady Gaga in ABC’s “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” released in 2011 | Shareif Ziyadat / Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Lady Gaga is the award-winning artist behind ‘A Star is Born’ and songs like ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Bad Romance’

She was born that way. Lady Gaga is the Oscar-winning actor and songwriter behind A star is born. She has won Grammy Awards in categories such as Pop Vocal Album, Best Music Video, Best Song Written for Visual Media and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Apart from her pop and jazz fame, Lady Gaga sometimes shares her love for the holiday season.

“Traditionally, I decorate my tree with the album or singles I wrote,” the “Bad Romance” singer said in 2018, according to Lady Gaga Media. “This year, it will be with CDs of A star is born. Other than that, I love to cook. Gaga’s tomato sauce is to die for. And the wine I serve would revive the taste buds of a corpse!

Lady Gaga has released several holiday and Christmas songs, including the original track “Christmas Tree”

In addition to creating songs like “Rain on Me” and “Born This Way”, Lady Gaga released several songs related to Christmas. She made her “Christmas Tree” debut with Space Cowboy in 2008.

With unique lyrics, this is one of Lady Gaga’s most popular holiday releases, currently enjoying over 8 million plays on the music platform Spotify.

In 2011, Lady Gaga recorded her live version of the iconic holiday song, “White Christmas”. After noting how short the song is, this artist even added a second verse to the Christmas classic. The track currently has over 5 million plays on Spotify, most of all songs from the A very gaga Thanksgiving collection.

In conjunction with their jazz album Cheek to cheek, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett released their versions of the song “Winter Wonderland”, earning over 25 million plays on Spotify. For a campaign with Barnes & Noble, these artists performed “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

For Christmas at Rockefeller Center 2014, the duo performed a live version of “Winter Wonderland”. With an H&M advertisement campaign, they performed the song popularized by Ella Fitzgerald, “It Don’t Mean a Thing”.

Lady Gaga starred in her own Thanksgiving TV special, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving”

Lady Gaga did not appear on her own Christmas special. However, the artist hosted an ABC Thanksgiving special in 2011. During this Thanksgiving special, Gaga discussed some of her musical experiences and performed her cover of “White Christmas.”

Lady Gaga is sometimes known for her music associated with Halloween. This includes songs like “Bloody Mary”, “Judas”, “Monster” and “Bad Romance”. She even appeared in two seasons of american horror story.

extracts from A very gaga Thanksgiving are available on this artist’s YouTube channel.

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