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Miley Cyrus has proven adept at singing classic rock songs throughout her career. We describe 24 of the best below.

Most of the videos you’ll see are from live performances – sometimes her own shows and others when she’s sitting with friends, including some high profile TV appearances. But there are also a handful of times Cyrus has recorded classic songs in the studio. Find out below how she performed songs by artists as diverse as the Beatles, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many more.

Led Zeppelin, “Black dog”

At the 2019 iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, Cyrus dedicated half of his eight-song set to works by other artists. The third issue was a version of “Black Dog”, the first track from Led Zeppelin’s untitled fourth LP. She performed it on two other occasions that year, most notably at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in England, where she incorporated Zep’s classic into her own “Mother’s Daughter”.

Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb”

Towards the end of his iHeartRadio slot, Cyrus released “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. She introduced the song by noting that she sings some songs – like the one that preceded “Numb” in her set, hit # 2 “We Can’t Stop” – for her fans, but others, like the times, she does it for herself.

Def Leppard, “Pour some sugar on me”

Cyrus and his dad, country singer Billy ray cyrus, stopped by a Steel Panther concert at the West Hollywood House of Blues in August 2015. The two found themselves seated for a performance of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Def Leppard. Setlist reports that it was an evening packed with guests, including comedian Dane Cook joining them for Van Halen’s “Panama” and clips from a pair of traditional songs, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “Oh! Susanna ”performed by pornstar Ron Jeremy.

Fleetwood Mac, “Landslide”

During his Gypsy Heart World Tour in 2011, Cyrus added Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” to his sets. Stevie Nicks wrote the song while visiting friends in Aspen, Colorado, after Buckingham Nicks failed and she was considering giving up her music career. The air convinced her to give him another six months, and three months later she and Lindsay Buckingham were given the opportunity to join Fleetwood Mac.

Bob Dylan, “You’ll make me alone when you go”

Cyrus was one of 73 artists who contributed to the 2012 four discs Carillons de la liberté: songs by Bob Dylan in honor of 50 years of Amnesty International, which raised funds for the human rights organization. She teamed up with Johnzo West, lead guitarist of Eric Burdon and the Animals, to record a plaintive version of “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”, originally found on the masterpiece. work by Dylan in 1975. Blood on the rails.

The Beatles, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

The Beatles, “A Day in the Life”

Second voice of Cyrus on the Flaming Lips’ Sgt. Peppers the remake was his recreation of the Paul McCartney midsection on the closer album “A Day in the Life”. The record was a boon for the Bella Foundation, an Oklahoma City-based organization that helps low-income, elderly, and terminally ill pet owners pay their vet bills.

Metallica – Nothing else matters “

Cyrus’ Glastonbury ensemble included a performance of the Metallica Black Album single “Nothing Else Matters”. Five years earlier, Metallica’s performance at the festival had sparked controversy because of James Hetfield’s love for the hunt and because its organizers had traditionally avoided metal.

Led Zeppelin, “Honey, I’m going to leave you”

According to Setlist, Cyrus covered Anne Bredon’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” nine times between 2014 and 2015, borrowing the arrangement made famous by Led Zeppelin on their self-titled debut album. Although the song, which was also recorded by Joan Baez, was originally credited as a traditional song arranged by Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin, Bredon continued, and in the early ’90s was listed as a co-author and received royalties in return.

Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here “

Cyrus dived into Pink Floyd’s catalog of classics again in April 2020 when she sang “Wish You Were Here”. This time it was not in concert or on record, but from home, playing on Saturday Night Live amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 lockdown led to another high-profile classic rock cover: Cyrus delivered “Help! By The Beatles in an empty Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., As part of Global Citizen’s “Unite for Our Future” livestream. She dedicated the performance “to those who work tirelessly on tests, treatments and vaccines so that we can all come together again in places like this empty stadium.”

Elton John, “Little Dancer”

Shortly after announcing his farewell tour, Elton John showed up at the 2018 Grammy Awards to sing “Tiny Dancer”. After taking the first verse, he called Cyrus onto the Madison Square Garden stage, where she sang the second, with the two performing a duet on the famous chorus.

Elton John, “The Bitch Is Back”

A few days after his Grammys appearance with John, Cyrus took part in I’m still standing: a Grammy Salute to John, where she sang a country cover of “The Bitch Is Back”. A studio take appeared three months later Restoration, an album of country artists performing John’s classics.

Elton John, “Don’t let the sun go down on me”

The same day Restoration arrived in stores, Reorganize gave John’s catalog the same treatment via rock and pop acts. Cyrus was the only musician to appear on both albums, singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” on Reorganize.

Three years before facing Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd at iHeartRadio, Cyrus sat down with Billy idol at the 2016 festival to perform his classic “Rebel Yell”. She appeared on stage wearing a leather jacket with Idol’s face painted on the back and pants with her name on it.

Joan Jett, “Crimson & Clover”

In 2015, Cyrus helped Joan Jett kick off the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony by assisting on “Crimson and Clover,” a performance that also starred Dave Grohl and Tommy James, who wrote and recorded the first piece. Later that evening, Cyrus inducted Jett into Rock Hall with a speech.

Paul Simon, “50 ways to leave your lover”

As part of a television special celebrating the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, Cyrus was on hand to sing “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon. The songwriter, a frequent SNL musical guest and host, had previously appeared on the show during the monologue, singing “I’ve Just Seen a Face” with Paul McCartney.

Joan Jett Medley: “I love rock’n’roll”, “Cherry Bomb” and “bad reputation”

Throughout his 2010-11 tour, Cyrus covered “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” and mixed it with two other songs associated with Joan Jett: “Bad Reputation” and “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways. She was playing “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”, originally recorded by The Arrows, on stage since 2009.

Blondie, “Heart of Glass”

Cyrus opened his set at the iHeartRadio Festival in September 2020 with a faithful rendition of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there was no audience in the room and her group wore masks when they performed behind her.

Nine Inch Nails, “Head like a hole”

Cyrus, who first rose to fame playing on the Disney Channel Hannah montana, returned to television in 2019 in an episode of the British anthology series Black mirror (which streams in the United States on Netflix). She played Ashley O, a pop star who seeks to show her darker side. Among his new tracks is a version of “Head Like a Hole” by Nine Inch Nails with new lyrics which received the blessing of Trent Reznor.

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit “

As Hannah montana ended her television broadcast, Cyrus strayed sharply from her image as a Disney pop princess, starting in the 2010s Cannot be tamed. The move to a more grown-up sound extended to her choice of touring covers in 2011, including Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which she sang 21 times that year. “I want to play a song by one of the artists who inspired me,” Cyrus told a crowd. “Without them I wouldn’t be here. They’re the ones who gave me the strength and courage to do this. I hope I can be that person for you guys.”

Temple of the Dog, “Say hello 2 Heaven”

Bob Dylan, “Baby, I’m in the mood for you”

In September 2016, Cyrus appeared on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon, but instead of performing one of her own songs, she released an obscure Dylan song called “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You”. Dylan’s recording of the track didn’t surface until 1985. Biography compilation, but it was first recorded by folk-blues singer Odetta on a 1965 album composed entirely of songs by Dylan.

When promoting his single “Midnight Sky” in September 2020, Cyrus again used Tonight’s show as a platform for a classic rock cover. His rendition of Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” removed the Motown-influenced groove of the original in favor of a sparse arrangement at the start, followed by a more direct rock beat.

Poison, “Every rose has its thorn”

Of all the tracks on this Miley Cyrus Classic Rock Covers list, only one is from a Cyrus studio album. Cannot be tamed featured his rendition of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, which originally came out in 1988, four years before Cyrus was even born. This is the only song from Cyrus’ LP in 2010 for which she did not participate in the writing.

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