Hear classic songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas Get the metal treatment



With Halloween fast approaching, we’ll be sure to see the best of the best monster mashups and spooky covers this weekend on TikTok and other social media. It’s become a much-loved new Halloween tradition since a serious influx of creative artists took over YouTube, and TikTok exploded in popularity. For example, these killer metal renditions of two memorable melodies from the fall holiday classic The Nightmare Before Christmas— “This Is Halloween” and “Sally’s Song” — set TikTok on fire! You can check them out below.

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TikTok musicians Lyrical Christmas and Daedra snagged these metalcore-flavored cuts with plenty of punchy riffs and gritty, champagne-soaked, coolant-soaked vocals. The duo also evoke serious Lzzy Hale vibes, which prompted one user to comment, “I need to hear [a] version of ‘Wicked Ways’ by Halestorm.” Meanwhile, another very impressed user posted, “My favorite Disney song mixed with my favorite genre? ! I need a full version of this!!!!”

The duo collaborated with the producer and the ax thrower Russell Hollar on both, and the singing duo has already racked up over 4 million views. It’s quite impressive – way to go, Lyrical and Daedra!

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