Happy birthday, usher! Celebrate with 11 of her greatest love songs



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Happy birthday, Bailiff! The singer turns 43 birthday today. We take a moment to appreciate the classic love songs he has given fans over the years.

Usher debuted in local singing competitions at the age of 12, where he caught the attention of an A&R from Laface Records, and the rest was history. His classic hit songs like Yeah! and the high-level album Confessions won him numerous accolades. Usher has received countless accolades for outstanding musical achievement, from the Grammy Awards to the Billboard Awards.

The superstar has achieved such success with her distinct voice, dance moves and stellar performances. Usher is a complete talent, who recently proved that nothing has changed by starting his residency in Las Vegas this summer.

The singer and songwriter has collaborated on some of the biggest records like the Grammy-winning hit singles “My Boo” with Alicia Keys and “Yeah!” starring other Atlians, Lil Jon and Ludacris. Usher’s lineup extends beyond sappy love songs, but these are the songs that have marked fans forever. His previous anthems like “You Make Me Wanna”, “Nice & Slow” and “U Got It Bad” are R&B classics that make you want to take to the air singing alongside vocal beast Usher Raymond. .

As we celebrate Usher’s 43rd birthday, we treasure some of his greatest love songs with this list. Not all of Usher’s love songs are about the happy moments we share with our partners, but he also delves into the realities of grief and disappointment. Usher has always approached the many phases of love in a way that is sung-worthy at the next karaoke. Enjoy these timeless R&B bops that will stand the test of time.

The happiest birthdays to the great Usher Raymond! Check out Usher’s greatest love songs below:

1. “Nice and slow”

Source: Bailiff

2. “You make me want”

Source: Bailiff

3. “My Boo”

Source: Usher and Alicia Keys

4. “You call me back”

Source: Bailiff

5. “You misunderstood”

Source: Bailiff

6. “burn”

Source: Bailiff

7. “Confessions, Pt. II”

Source: Bailiff

8. “Here is my baby”

Source: Bailiff

9. “Climax”

Source: Bailiff

10. “Lovers and friends”

Source: Lil Jon

11. “Superstar”

Source: Bailiff

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