HallyuTunes: 5 K-pop songs to check out if you like retro sounds with TWICE, GFRIEND, Key and more



After exploring genres like jazz, indie, rock, bubblegum pop, hip-hop, experimental music and more, this week’s edition of HallyuTunes takes a look at some K-pop songs that offer their own spin on the retro-inspired trend!

1. JY Park and SUNMI – When We Disco (August 2020)

Featuring soloist SUNMI and JY Park, “When We Disco” is a duet between the CEO of JYP Entertainment and the former Wonder Girls member. Fun and funky, the song stays true to its title and feels like a real blast from the past.

2. TWICE – I CAN’T STOP (October 2020)

This retro-inspired track was released as the lead single from TWICE’s second studio album “Eyes Wide Open” (2020). In particular, the vocal line incorporated into “I CAN’T STOP ME” offers a mature take on the retro-inspired trend, making for a stylish song that feels inherently TWICE-like while bringing a new sound.

3. GFRIEND – MAGO (November 2020)

This sophisticated disco song was released in 2020 as the lead single from GFRIEND’s latest comeback with their third studio album “回: Walpurgis Night”. Possessing a distinctly magnificent choir, ‘MAGO’ is truly one for the ages.

4. The Key to SHINee – BAD LOVE (September 2021)

In 2021, SHINee’s Key brought us their solo EP ‘BAD LOVE – The 1st Mini Album’, along with its second lead single, ‘BAD LOVE’. This dance-pop song is about ecstatic love turned toxic, creating a retro vibe with a heavy synth sound. Introspective and bent on retrofuturism, this song is a real treasure.

5. MAMAMOO’s Loco and Hwasa – Someone! (July 2022)

The most recent release included in this list, “Somebody!” is Hwasa and Loco’s second collaborative effort in about four years, following “Don’t”. This retro-inspired track is sweet and cold, gently balancing melancholy with peaceful positivity, perfect for summer with its pop vibes.

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