HallyuTunes: 5 K-pop songs to check out if you like jazz music with BTS, MAMAMOO and more



Originating in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, jazz is a musical genre that has its roots in blues and ragtime. From Louis Armstrong to Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra and many more, the genre has brought us absolute gems in the music world.

In today’s edition of HallyuTunes, we take a look at 5 jazz-inspired K-pop songs you need to check out if you’re a fan of both genres. Read to the end for a bonus track!

1. LeeHi: MY STAR (2016)

Released as part of LeeHi’s 2016 EP ‘SEOULITE’, ‘MY STAR’ kicks off with a funky bass line that is sure to make your head spin. LeeHi’s clear, soaring vocals are at the forefront of this fun track.

2. BTS: House of Cards – Complete Edition (2016)

First released as ‘Outro: House of Cards’ in BTS’ 2015 album ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2’, the song was released as a longer version in their 2016 album, ‘The Most Moment in Life: Young Forever’, as “House of Cards – Full Length Edition”. Featuring BTS vocal line members (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook), the track is the perfect blend of jazz and pop, and showcases the members’ soulful vocals.

3. AKMU: REBYE (2016)

This 2016 track from the brotherly duo adopts a baroque jazz style, combined with swelling strings and a singing piano. Suhyun and Chanhyuk’s vocal timbres make for a beautiful track with playful notes.

4. MAMAMOO: The Man at the Piano (2014)

MAMAMOO greeted us with this theatrical song in 2014, with their powerful vocals taking the front seat in this elegant room. The slow, soothing quality of the song creates an exceptional atmosphere, as the lyrics take us through a flirtatious love story that is a joy to experience.

5. IU: The Red Shoes (2013)

This song takes on a showtune-esque vibe, and IU pulls off its classic sound with incredible ease. This jazzy tune was also a step in a slightly more mature direction from IU’s “Nation’s Little Sister” image, and it did it justice by giving us the absolute treasure that is “The Red Shoes.”

Bonus (Collab): Suzy, Baekhyun – Dream (2016)

Released in 2016, this surprise collab between EXO’s Suzy and Baekhyun brought us a jazzy ballad in the form of ‘Dream’. The smooth, throaty vocals of the two talented artists blend beautifully and are perfectly balanced by the instruments to deliver a song that is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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