Flavia Vento and the fake Tom Cruise: “You sent me love songs”


The soap that went down in history enters Pamela Prati And Marc Caltagirone it has not served as a lesson for all who talk to strangers. Fresh out of the scam, for the second time it’s Flavia Vento. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, but the 44-year-old was happy to chat with a Hollywood star. “For 5 months, I thought I was discussing with Tom cruise“, he revealed. After months of intense love conversation, here’s the cold shower: a demand for money from the crook, the fake tom cruise, of course, in exchange for the promise of actually putting her in touch with the Hollywood star.

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But a closer memory will not escape the fact that years ago the Vento started flooding Tom Cruise with messages on Twitter and recently informed his fans about his subscription to Scientology. In an interview with the magazine MOW The Vento had been asked directly if there was some hidden reason behind his membership in the “sect”, namely Cruise’s approach. The showgirl responded, “Hey, let’s say Tom Cruise is now single from what I understand. And so am I. For 11 years now. Not just single, pure chastity! So… why not, Tom? ”.

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In the past, the showgirl had also managed to exchange several messages with the Hollywood star, or at least that’s what she believed. “Tom Cruise wrote me on Twitter and I was sure it was him too because he was sending me pictures. We spoke to two months“She said to MOW,” but I realized it was just one Fake profile“And it was very bad. He fell whole for the second time. Now the Vento is furious on social media, where she is expressing all her anger.

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Flavia Vento Instagram: Tom Cruise’s fake deception screenshot

“Here after 5 months of discussion, the result came a con artist who pretended to be Tom Cruise and in the end he asked me for money to see him! But how are you naughty crook? For 5 months you perfectly pretended to be Tom I have no words! You cheated on me, you sent me love songs and I fell like a idiot! “, Dropped the 44-year-old blonde in a post. He can’t believe he took a bite of the hook. Flavia shows the screenshot of the message arrived in which she is asked for money to get in touch with Cruise, a kind of ‘fan vip’ card capable of making her meet the longed-for Tom. In short, Flavia is the last of the romantics, she still believes in it and despite this disappointment we still believe that one day her dream could come true.

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