Faye Webster now relates to Erika’s love songs from Casier



The most recent for me this year has been Erika from Casier. It’s funny, because my manager sent me his record and said, “You would really like that”, and I listened to it and I thought, “Dang, I really like this! Then my boyfriend got really mad at me because apparently he tried to show it to me before and I didn’t get the same answer.

Maybe now was not the right time for me to listen to new music. I definitely go through phases where I don’t even listen to music. I feel like when I’m filming a lot, it feels like overkill – especially when I’m just at home, I prefer to be in silence.

But she’s great. It usually sounds like what I would do if I did these songs. Mostly just the recording process – it’s very intimate, which I enjoy, just recording your own vocal type beat at home. So I think I understand how intimate it makes you to listen to it.

I listened to his album Essential, which was released in 2019, but she released a new album this year. My favorite song is “Puppy Love”. It’s very recreated old school R&B. She’ll use a lot of sound samples that would be so old-fashioned if someone else used them. It’s definitely inspired by the 90s.

I haven’t connected to music so instantly before, but this time around I was out of the first listen. I feel like it was meant to be like that. Maybe that’s just the moment I’m in my life – I think I’m just more tied to those love songs right now.

As said to Annie Fell.

(Photo credit: Pooneh Ghana)

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