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Looking for inspiration to help you tackle another work week? We’ve got you covered with this week’s 10 Cool New Pop Songs playlist, featuring new tracks from artists like Erica Banks, Whitney, beabadoobee and more.

Drag one of these gems into your personal playlist to give you the energy to face the week – or scroll to the end of the post for a personalized playlist of all 10.

Michelle, “Fool 4 You”

Last March, the New York collective MICHELLE released their second album After dinner we talk about dreams; Last week, the sextet fed fans another round with their two-pack After dinner, we talk about dreams: accompaniments, which included “Fool 4 U” and “Sea Shanty”. It’s the former that stands out the most for its visceral storytelling (“Waking up to your familiar scent / Covered in the blankets you made last night”) and delicately delivered voice. While much of the song unfolds in beautiful, almost overly polite silence, the final seconds break that mold – as if in an instant the singer no longer cares whether or not he wakes the person who slept next to them. — LYNDSEY HAVEN

Leon Bridges and Kevin Kaarl, “Summer Moon”

The title of Leon Bridges’ last track creates a special mood even before the first note is played: a windy June evening in which the moon casts its protective glow on a moment of happiness. On “Summer Moon,” Bridges and collaborator Kevin Kaarl bottle the intimacy of an early summer adventure so well that one has to be careful about overplaying the track, lest the magic die down. . — HL

Claude, “Go home!”

As Phoebe Bridgers’ first signee to her Saddest Factory label, Claud apparently took the most notes from their boss on “Go Home!” a loosely paced alt-pop track about longing to come home. While the structure and writing of the songs (lines like “friends talking theory when I thought it was a party,” in particular) both trace a family line to Bridgers, the delivery and nuance slightly Optimistic are distinctly Claud – and proof that they will never be anyone but. — HL

Whitney, “True Love”

The immediate, dense reverb of “Real Love” is a brief curve before Whitney returns to her iconic roots of shimmering keys and Julien Ehrlich’s intimate falsetto. Yet it’s how the indie duo builds on and fuses these elements that make their latest – and lead single from the upcoming third album. Spark – so sonically tacky. Inspired more by late-night disco and soulful pop melodies, “Real Love” confirms that the duo have entered a new era of exploration and can’t wait for fans to feel that same spark of something new to come. — HL

ILOVEMAKONNEN feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again, “All My S–t Is Stupid”

Makonnen and YoungBoy team up for the first time to declare “All My S–t Is Stupid” over gurgling synths and a quivering snare beat. YoungBoy pays tribute to his late friend Lil Peep while Makonnen, who was born in Los Angeles but came to Atlanta, raps, “You know I’m one of the best, west of Virgi – / Wait, wait , I’m not from this place, I talk shit because I’m on the pot. Joe Lynch

Erica Banks, “Trick”

Erica Banks is back with her Flow Queen Diary album, and if the title sounds like a flex, check out his effortless spit on the bass-heavy “Trick.” The breakthrough “Buss It” artist looks confident, bored and pissed all at once on this thick electro-rap track. — J.L.

Jon Moss, “Good Day”

Opening with an echoing, offbeat synth, the uplifting pop&B single “Good Day” finds newcomer Jon Moss alternately rapping, singing, and even briefly leading a gospel chant on “making the most of” d. ‘a rare good day when everyone’s neurons seem to be firing in your favor: “I don’t need a shooting star / The sunlight always shines brighter.” –JL

beabadoobee, “10:36”

beabadoobee is gearing up to release their second album, Beatopia, and delivered another scintillating single – the latest offering, “10:36” – which showcases its unique blend of pop and alternative. The track sees the English singer-songwriter sing about his personal attachment issues, in this case requiring human touch to fall asleep, but in the most romantic way possible. The chorus (“I Know You Thought It Was Just Us / Didn’t Thought You’d Fall In Love”), combined with Bea’s sugary vocal delivery, comes off like a lullaby while the influencing guitar work 2000s provides a nice juxtaposition to the track. —STARR BOWENBANK

Two-Door Film Club, “The Wonderful Life”

While Two Door Cinema Club’s 2019 album False alarm saw members Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday comment on social issues with wry humor through a new lens, new single “Wonderful Life” allows the Irish indie rock trio to take matters into their own hands (“Take back your wonderful life / The more the life to love much better”), turning words into actions and enjoying full control over their free will. SB

Steve Lacy, “Mercury”

Steve Lacy gained traction on the interwebs by mixing alternative and R&B on the intro tracks “CU Girl” and “Dark Red” before the arrival of his 2017 debut album, Apollo XXI — now Lacy is taking a page from her own book by dipping her toes into the pool of experimentation again. “Mercury” shows the singer-songwriter indulging in acoustic guitar work reminiscent of Latin bossa nova with hints of American jazz, delivering a heady track suitable for multiple reruns for the summer to come. — SB

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