Drake’s best love songs: ranking his best love hymns



This summer, Drake declared himself a “certified lover boy” with the release of his sixth studio album of the same name. The 21-track project, which includes top 10 hits like “Way 2 Sexy,” “Girls Want Girls,” and “Fair Trade,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and continues to break streaming records. But Drake’s new “lover boy” character is nothing new. The boy has been a love magnet since the start of his career.

Known for his blend of R&B vocals and personal raps, Drake has often been considered the “emotional rapper” who wears his heart on his sleeve. He never hesitated to create love songs to suit all moods. For over a decade in the music industry, he has recorded tracks for the broken-hearted, the confused, and the lovers.

So in the middle of the Boy in love certified at the time, it seemed right to put together his best love songs. Since most of Drake’s catalog is focused on relationships, it’s worth setting some guidelines for how this list was put together. A love song doesn’t necessarily mean ballads or 90s slows. Of course, some melancholy records were selected, but there are also some catchy dance tracks. The lyrics were important for the ranking. Sometimes Drake is his worst enemy, and songs that tend to focus on his paranoia or unrequited love weren’t on the list. Without further explanation, check out the list of Drake’s best love songs below.

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