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British talent DJ Dips brilliantly balanced a successful career entertaining live crowds around the world with the production of hit songs and looks back positively on his roller coaster journey.

The famous DJ and music producer used his time in confinement to produce the explosive new EP Forever Legends, which sees super singer Badal Talwan perform five classic songs in his own way. The songs have a new contemporary twist without losing the original magic.

Eye of the East caught up with DJ Dips to discuss the new EP, life in confinement, his musical journey, his plans and his reasons for being inspired by enemies.

How do you see your musical journey?
I feel blessed and happy when I look at how far I have come. I’m just a kid from Southall who fell in love with the idea of ​​entertaining people, by making or playing music. It’s always been a passion, but I never dreamed that it would take me around the world or give me the love I have with people. From debut at the age of 13 ruining his brothers’ records back to the days of Ominous DJS with my brother Rek, to DJ Dips today, it’s been amazing.

Which of your songs are you most fond of?
Gerra De De just makes me proud that it is still played by all the DJs all over the world. It’s close to me because it was my first real vision as a producer to put three of the greatest artists of the time, Miss Pooja, Lehmber Hussainpuri and Kaka Bhaniawala together on a song and get it done. He always puts a smile on my face.

Who is the most memorable person you’ve ever worked with?
I have a long working relationship with Miss Pooja and will always be a fan. So being able to do not one but four tracks with her was an honor because she’s a legend as an artist and as a person. She always demands the best and pushes me over, and over, what you’re looking for when working with someone, to test you.

Tell us about your last EP Eternal legends?
EP is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Containment was just the perfect time. I am a strong advocate for promoting talent and for me Badal is one of the best technically speaking singers in the UK at the moment. Showing off his versatility through some classics was something I wanted the world to hear. It was a good challenge, reworking songs that are already such big hits. I tried to add the DJ Dips flavor to five of the greatest songs or compositions and breathe new life into them.

Why did you decide to revisit the classics and how did you choose them?
We were in lockdown and I saw a lot of singers do covers. With Badal’s ability, I knew we could show his talent by having him sing some of the most difficult classics. The choice of songs was easy. We went with some classical Pakistani and Bhangra compositions, as a way for me to show not only my skills but also Badal’s versatility as a singer.

What quality do you like most about Badal Talwan, as a singer?
His natural talent and work ethic. I can ask him to sing almost anything, and he’ll do it without a problem. I got him to write songs in minutes. He really has the hunger and motivation to push himself to the next level, and he has the talent to do it.

Who are you hoping to connect with with these songs?
I just want to try to distract, even for a little while, people’s attention from all the bad that’s going on right now. Music can always make people smile, so I hope anyone who hears it will be the same.

So what else can we expect from you?
I’m always working on new music, whether it’s desi or other genres. I have three house singles ready, which you will certainly hear sooner rather than later. Other than that, I’m working on my desi solo album, which will be released at some point this year. I’ll be doing a few more live broadcasts and when the clubs open I’ll be back on the stage live as well.

How did you live as a locked out DJ without live gigs?
Like I said earlier, you have to make the most of every situation, so for me it’s a moment where I managed to make this EP, as well as broadcast live and, most importantly, to spending precious time with my family. It was tough not being able to do live shows like that’s all I’ve ever known, but it’s a time we all had to adjust. The live broadcasts I did really helped me connect with a new fan base that wouldn’t normally go to a club.

Has confinement changed you in any way?
It made me appreciate how short life is and realize that if there is something you want to do just forget about people’s opinions or the noise in the background, just focus on yourself and on the final goal.

What inspires you today?
Everything and everyone around me, from other artists to members of my family. It’s about pushing your own limits and my family helps me do it. Other artists always inspire because each has their own story and their own journey. The biggest inspiration I get is from enemies and trolls sitting behind a computer trying to put you down. I’ve had my fair share, but I’ve learned to use it to fuel the fire because the only way to show these people is to keep going, work harder, and be better.

Why should we take the new EP?
These songs were made without the audience in mind. It was just a lot of fun that Badal and I had. Just listen to it with an open mind and appreciate Badal’s voice. We did this for people to enjoy and maybe rekindle the fire under some of these classic tunes. We hope you like it as much as we liked it.

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