Disney Music turned its classic songs into Lo-Fi hip-hop covers



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Disney Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Photo credit: DisneyMusic (VEVO)

With looping animation of Minnie Mouse, Disney Music has turned some of their classic songs — like Toy Story’s “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” and Frozen 2’s “Into the Unknown” — into lo- fi to relax and study at.

Disney Music has entered cooling mode. The company released a lo-fi hip-hop instrumental album disney Lofi Minnie: focustransforming some of their nostalgic works like toy story “You have a friend in me” and Frozen 2 “Into the Unknown” on ambient covers. The album was released on Friday, quietly going viral with 10 tracks lasting just 24 minutes.

With an animation of Minnie Mouse studying at her desk – and a nearby Powerline poster from the 1995 film A wacky movie — lo-fi songs are featured in an accompanying YouTube playlist. Mashable points out that the animation is clearly inspired by the Lofi Girl YouTube channel with a long-running playlist “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to”.

disney Lofi Minnie: focus is available on select streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Contributors include purple cat, Philanthropistand Krynozewith each instrumental track produced by a different artist.

“What drew us to lo-fi was the ability to reinvent our songs in a completely new way that combines the soothing benefits of lo-fi with the wonder and nostalgia that Disney has to offer,” the company said in a statement. “Lo-fi and Disney are both a great source of comfort, so the two make a perfect match.”

To listen Disney Lofi Minnie: tune-up below.

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