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We here at For victory have given you so many holiday gifts so far: the 10 best Christmas songs of all time, the 10 worst Christmas tunes and a look at the 10 strangest ones.

The last? I was listening to the radio the other day and picked up a version of Sleigh ride. The idea came to me: if you had to choose one version – the definitive version – of some of the greatest Christmas classics for your holiday playlist (who wants 50 versions of the same track?), Which one would it be?

So that’s what I found, and these are the right takes.

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The instrumental version by the Boston Pops almost got the green light, but the arrangement and the “ring-a-ling-ling-ding-dong-ding” prevail. You can’t help but dance to it.

Eggnog in one hand, and your other hand is free to engage.

An easy choice, though Mel Torme – who co-wrote the classic song – did. some nice versions.

You can pretty much pick any Ella’s Christmas tune for this list, but I love her jazzy take on this song.

You know that you are going to have All i want for christmas is you on your playlist. So sorry, Mariah, your version is too good but it’s basically Love’s arrangement.

I must have had a Buble here.

Sorry, Bing Crosby. This a cappella version is magnificent.

Do not accept any imitation. The most popular is the good one.

Whitney’s voice is the best. That’s it.

You can include a bunch of versions of Dean Martin, but this one is arguably the best.

We need Otis here.

Same with Stevie.

Yeah, I’m biased because they run it on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But what is it beautiful?

Sit down and listen.

A modern classic. His voice is so good.

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