Cyndi Lauper’s 10 Best Songs, Ranked



30 December 2021, 19:33 | Update: December 30, 2021, 8:40 PM

Cyndi Lauper.


Cyndi Lauper is one of the most iconic artists of her generation, thanks to her distinctive image, incredible vocal range and songwriting skills.

We’ve selected just a few songs from her catalog to create a perfect Cyndi Lauper playlist:

  1. she bop

    This rather risky song was so controversial at the time that it was one of the songs that led to the introduction of the Parental Advisory sticker.

    It was Cyndi’s third biggest single after “Time After Time” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

  2. Finally

    In 2003 Cyndi recorded the cover album Finally, featuring various classical and easy-listening jazz standards that worked perfectly with his voice.

    The highlight was the title song, originally made famous by Etta James and is now a favorite in wedding dance around the world.

  3. Money changes everything

    Rock band The Brains first recorded this song in 1978, before Cyndi did a cover for their debut album.

    The song is about how money interferes with relationships, and it gave Cyndi one of her first hits in 1984.

  4. The Goonies R Quite Good

    Steven Spielberg made Cyndi the musical director of the adventure film’s soundtrack The Goonies. For that, she looked for new groups to include in the project, in particular her friends, the Bangles.

    Cyndi recorded this song for the movie, originally titled simply “Good Enough,” but it was edited by Warner Bros, who wanted the movie title to be part of the song title.

  5. Change of heart

    This track was featured on Cyndi’s second album True colors, and it remains one of his favorite songs to play live.

    Fun fact: The Bangles provided the backing vocals for the song!

  6. All night long

    From Cyndi’s debut album, Jules Shear wrote this song as a folk-rock track for his 1983 album. Watch dog. After The Cars recorded their own version, which they did not use on any of their albums, Cyndi decided to cover it again.

    Although she initially intended to do a direct cover of Shear’s version, she instead turned it into a pop ballad.

  7. I drove all night

    Also written by Steinberg and Kelly, this pop-rock classic was originally gifted to Roy Orbison, who recorded it in 1987. However, its version was not released until 1992.

    Before that, Cyndi scored a hit with the track. She said she wanted to do it because she liked the idea of ​​”a woman behind the wheel, a woman in control”.

    Celine Dion then scored a hit with the song in the 2000s.

  8. True colors

    It was the first single from Cyndi’s second album in 1986. Billy Steinberg first wrote the song about his own mother, before Tom Kelly edited the first verse and submitted the song to Anne Murray, who wrote it down. forwarded to check-in, then to Cyndi.

    The song has also become a standard in the gay community. Cyndi said the song resonated with her because of the recent death of her friend, Gregory Natal, from HIV / AIDS.

  9. Girls just wanna have fun

    Surprisingly, this song was originally written from the Male Perspective on Women in the Bedroom by Robert Hazard in 1979.

    Four years later, Cyndi’s version carried an entirely different feminist attitude, describing that all women really wanted was to have the same experience men could have. It went on to become one of the biggest hits of the 80s.

    It’s impossible not to sing and dance with it when it’s played at the next 80s cheese party.

  10. Time after time

    It was one of Cyndi’s very first singles, and was written with Rob Hyman of The Hooters. It became one of the best love songs of the 1980s.

    Inspiration for the song came after the two songwriters went through similar situations in their own relationships: he was coming out of a relationship, while she was having issues with her then-boyfriend, David Wolff. .

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