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Nostalgia is a big part of what makes Cobra Kai such a success, and the screenwriters know very well when to take advantage of it to pull on the sensitive cord, or to make fun of it for a little good-natured humor. Of course, that meant injecting the series with plenty of classic 1980s hard rock and pop hits, which are a bit of a part of that feeling.

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Cobra Kai managed to secure the rights to some great hard rock songs of yore, and they’re the perfect way to introduce whole new generations of kids to some of the most incredible and powerful music ever written. Hopefully Season 5 continues the trend and draws more inspiration from hard rock’s incredible back catalog.


“Lay It Down” – Ratt (Season 1, Episode 3)

Split image of Miguel from Cobra Kai and a Ratt album

Ratt’s signature brand of ’80s hair metal was arguably distinct from the countless imitators of the era, and it’s one of the reasons they’re still held in such high regard today. Cobra Kai featured the band’s biggest hit “Round and Round”, but “Lay It Down” was much fresher, especially in the context of the stage.

It begins with an aerial view of Los Angeles, which was considered the hard rock sanctuary of the 1980s, and moves into Miguel’s apartment, where he’s busy practicing karate moves with the song playing in the background. plan. This not only shows that Miguel loves karate, but he was also drawn to the powerful sounds of 1980s heavy metal.

“Don’t Look Back” – Boston (Season 1, Episode 6)

Shared image of a young Johnny in Cobra Kai and a Boston album

Audiences got a glimpse of Johnny Lawrence’s childhood at the start of “Quiver,” the sixth episode of Season 1. He’s shown riding a Sony walkman out of his house and biking his way around in a wealthy neighborhood, until he came across a karate dojo run by one of the Cobra-Kai biggest villains.

Boston were considered one of the kings of 1970s rock and one of the few bands able to duplicate their ultra-amplified, multi-layered harmonies in live format. “Don’t Look Back” is one of their most fantastic hits and a great opening track on their 1978 second album.

“I Want It All” – Queen (Season 1, Episode 10)

Split image of the All Valley Tournament from the album Cobra Kai and a Queen

It was a great song to kick off the final episode of Season 1, giving the audience a sense of the weight of the All Valley Karate Tournament. The footage shows the venue being set up, with the students warming up and practicing in the background, until it moves to the Cobra Kai title logo.

Queen have always been one of the quintessential classic rock bands, blending hard rock with an orchestral approach to songwriting. Songs like “I Want It All” go straight to the heart of the listener, like most songs in their eclectic catalog.

“Here I Am Again” – Whitesnake (Season 2, Episode 8)

Split image of Daniel and Carmen from Cobra Kai and a Whitesnake album

One of Whitesnake’s biggest and best hits was undoubtedly “Here I Go Again,” which is featured in the Season 2 episode “Glory of Love.” In this case, it’s meant to show where Johnny Lawrence’s head is when it comes to his love interest, Miguel’s stepmother, Carmen.

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While still asleep in his bed, Lawrence dreams of confronting Carmen on her doorstep and making a bold move against her, which leads directly to a typical 1980s hard rock music video. It’s hilarious, heartwarming , trustworthy and nostalgic all rolled into one.

“Kickstart My Heart” – Mötley Crüe (Season 3, Episode 2)

Split image of Daniel and Johnny from Cobra Kai and a Motley Crue album

Daniel and Johnny had one of their funniest times together when they teamed up to find a Dodge Caravan stolen by Robby. They spot him at a gas station, at which point Johnny jumps into Daniel’s expensive Audi, forcing him to mount a shotgun.

The ensuing chase is one of Johnny Lawrence’s funniest scenes in season 3, showing him squeezing into an off-road, running red lights and ringing Daniel’s mirror, all to the air. of Mötley Crüe’s hyper-powerful “Kickstart My Heart” playing in Context.

“The Kids Are Back” – Twisted Sister (Season 3, Episode 5)

Shared image of Dee Snyder and a Twisted Sister album

In order to motivate Miguel to walk again, he decides to drag him to a Twisted Sister concert where Dee Snyder and co. are busy releasing a live rendition of “The Kids Are Back”, one of their absolute greatest hits. It doesn’t take long before Miguel’s crippled foot starts tapping to the beat, which means he’s getting better.

The only caveat with the live performance of the song was the fact that it had to be played a step back from the original, perhaps so Snyder could hit the higher notes, due to his age. Nonetheless, it was a great scene for fans of 1980s heavy metal and Twisted Sister in general.

“You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” – Judas Priest (Season 4, Episode 1)

Split image of Daniel and Johnny from Cobra Kai and a Judas Priest album

Things got off to a rough start in Season 4 when diehards Cobra Kai rivals Johnny and Daniel decided to team up and teach the two groups of students their respective styles of karate. However, it didn’t go as planned and the students soon found it difficult to deal with two sensei who were definitely not on the same page.

In the background was Judas Priest’s heavy metal hit “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”, from the historic album “Screaming for Vengeance”. It’s also the perfect song to sum up the situation. If audiences thought it would be a smooth ride between these two rivals, they sure had something else to come.

“Two Heads Are Better Than One” – Power Tool (Season 4, Episode 3)

Split image of Daniel and Johnny, and the soundtrack to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure gets a nod with this song that plays at the start of “Then Learn Fly,” the third episode of Season 4. The premise is simple – focus on Daniel and Johnny co-teaching their students in their styles of karate respective. It’s a funny and heartwarming edit designed to last a long time Karate Kid the supporters are smiling.

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Between fight choreographies, Daniel and Johnny bond as best they can, trading food and techniques in equal parts. And of course, it’s an excuse for Johnny to sip a beer while meditating, before mocking Daniel’s crane shot from the first film. The scene ends with Daniel and Johnny punching each other after a hard day at work, something fans have wanted to see for years.

“Burning Heart” – Survivor (Season 4, Episode 5)

Split image of Johnny Lawrence and the Rocky IV soundtrack

In preparation for his big fight with Daniel, Johnny decided to pull out his Sony Walkman, put on the headphones and get back to some good old-fashioned training. His favorite song was “Burning Heart” by Survivor, best known as the song played over Rocky Balboa’s workout montage in Rocky IV.

It’s a fantastic song with a lot of heart and emotion, and it’s hard not to support Johnny as he goes from sequence to sequence, lifting weights, doing cardio and hitting solid objects. . However, things fall apart when he begins kicking other people’s mailboxes, stealing people’s beach balls, and trashing their scooters out of anger. Fortunately, this training led to one of the best fights in Cobra Kai nowadays.

“Switch 625” – Def Leppard (Season 4, Episode 10)

Split image of Daniel and Chozen, and an album of Def Leppard

The surprising events leading up to the end of Season 4 mean that the whole story has changed from now on. Not only does Terry Silver weaponize Cobra Kai away from John Kreese in one of the most shocking scenes of Season 4, but he has the All Valley Karate Tournament victory under his belt, further fueling his ambitions.

Daniel brought in Chozen to help him take on Silver, as seen in the final shot of the final episode. To play up the stakes, Def Leppard’s “Switch 625” from their classic album “High and Dry” served as the background song, which played above the end credits. It was a piece of dynamite to end the season.

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