CMT Roundup: Tyler Hubbard, Erin Kinsey and More Emphasize Country Love Songs



by Tiffany Goldstein


It’s the middle of summer and heat advisories are sweeping the world. But these country love songs bring a different kind of warmth — the white-hot flash of young love, the established confidence of adulthood, and the courage to love differently. Check out these songs and more on CMT’s Roundup Playlist.

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Tyler Hubbard, ‘Way Home’: Tyler Hubbard has been a music release machine lately, and his new song ‘Way Home’ is perhaps his most personal – and countryiest – yet.

Written by Hubbard with Corey Crowder and Canaan Smith, “Way Home” was one of the first songs Hubbard wrote after choosing to pursue a solo career. Hubbard describes the song as “a traditional country song that can be heard in a church and a honky-tonk”.

Lyrics include: Yeah, I got lost (Yeah, I got lost) | Until I’m Found (Until I’m Found) | Oh, and now that my soul is fine | I just get on the seat next to Jesus | ‘Cause I know he knows the way back

“For me, it’s a personal song that lets fans get to know me on an even deeper level,” Hubbard said. “This song is a reflection on where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I’m going. It’s become my personal reminder, on a regular basis, of who really drives this truck we call life. Thank God, It is not me.
“Way Home” is one of a handful of solo tracks Hubbard has recently released, including his radio single “5 Foot 9.”

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Erin Kinsey, ‘Vegas’: Written by Erin Kinsey, Brinley Addington and Barrett Baber and produced by Josh Ronen, ‘Vegas’ brings unapologetic country production to the story of the unbridled excitement that comes with falling in love.

With his Texas accent on 10, Kinsey sings: Maybe it could be Vegas | Find the chapel with the shortest waiting list | Pick the pack where the preacher is Elvis|Dressing in crushed velvet, singing the vows

“‘Vegas’ is hands down one of the most country songs I’ve ever written,” Kinsey said. “It’s so much fun to perform live, and the color of the lyrics really makes me feel like I’m telling a story with all the fun details. Behind the crazy story is really about loving someone so much that you want to start forever with them as soon as possible.

“Vegas” is another new entry in his music catalog, joining his recent EP “40 East” which includes his current radio single, “Just Drive”.

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Corey Kent & Carter Faith, “Wild As Her (Acoustic)”: Up-and-coming artist Corey Kent just took his artistry to the next level with his acoustic rendition of “Wild As Her” with Carter Faith. Kent originally released the country-rock single written by Morgan Wallen, Brett Tyler and Kelly Archer in early March. The love song about a man trying to keep up with his fearless wife has garnered 70 million on-demand streams to date and is set to hit country radio in August.

As he flew over the hit track, Kent heard Faith’s thoughtful melody “Joyride” and immediately knew her dreamy vocals would pair beautifully with her slightly grating sound.

“I keep the windows down and the wind in her hair | Keep Her Heart Hanging At Every Turn | She is not afraid of being tied up, afraid of getting burned | I’m just looking for someone as wild as her | Wild | Wild,” the two sing effortlessly.

The acoustic rendition of “Wild As Her” is just as powerful, if not more so, than the original version. The way Kent’s country grit complements Faith’s clean vocals makes “Wild As Her” a timeless duet.

“We had talked early on about making ‘Wild as Her’ a duet, but I’m very into collaborations, and no one immediately came to mind, so we just put it on the back burner. Then a day, I listen to Carter’s song “Joyride”, and then boom, it hit me…Carter would be perfect!” shared Kent. “When I heard ‘Wild as Her’, I was immediately obsessed. When Corey asked me to sing on it, I was so very honored. The song does such crazy things, and I’m thrilled to be part of it!” Faith added.

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Lily Rose, ‘In My Drinks’: Country star Lily Rose released another breaking banger meant to resonate with heartbroken fans. While many romantics drink their grief after a breakup, the electrifying single’s protagonist sips to remember his ex.

“Cause I only see her in my drinks | Makes me think she’s still mine, yeah | I miss her, get drunk all the time | Yeah, I don’t fight, tryna keep her on my mind (Keep her on my mind) | I only see her in my glasses between the bourbon and the beer, yeah | As long as I’m still buzzing, she’s sitting right here | ‘Cause it’s clear when I’m sober that it’s over with the girl of my dreams | Now I only see her in my drinks, oh, oh, yeah,” sings Rose.

The gripping hook penned by Jamie Davis, Jordan Gray and Rob Pennington is poised to win over listeners, while the sing-along-worthy chorus will have plenty of racing to land tickets for the first headlining trek of Pink.

“I think the feel of ‘In My Drinks’ will get people moving while simultaneously singing some clever lyrics! “In My Drinks” is song number 2 in what I like to call a new chapter in Lily Rose’s music. Joey Moi’s production mixed with super strong lyrics and hooks makes me so excited to give people more songs! Rose exclusively told CMT. “I haven’t played live for anyone yet, and I’m so excited to play it for people. I think there’s going to be a really cool feeling and even more energy on stage than on the piece.

“In My Drinks” follows Rose’s radio release “I’d Be You”. The country community has learned to expect the unexpected from the up-and-coming artist, because Rose is always full of surprises. Her unstoppable strength and scholarly approach to storytelling make Rose a household name in the fast-moving genre.

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