CHRONICLE: A playlist of three love songs and three heartbreaking songs for this Valentine’s Day



At every stage of a relationship, music is an art of expression. Whether it’s a soft acoustic version of worship or raging sounds of hate, there’s something about singing (or shouting) the lyrics help people come to terms with their feelings.

Sometimes when people are heartbroken, they want to savor their rage and others want to sulk their sadness. If feelings of adoration and devotion are what you feel on this holiday, these songs are for you.

The Indiana Daily Student Arts Office is here to provide you with songs to celebrate your love or condemn your pain.

Love songs

“Pillar of Truth” by Lucy Dacus

“Lucy wrote this song as a tribute to her dying grandmother to admire her strength and composure in such a difficult time. I interpret this in romantic love as the admiration of someone who gives you a stability in difficult times. I think this song is meant to be listened to when leaning on another person, dancing slowly in any place at any time. Sing this song to your “pillar of truth” when “he makes you feel safe, understood and stable. It’s like the unwavering devotion and admiration for that person and the ability to depend on each other in times of weakness. – Taylor Satoski, Local Music Reporter

“It’s Better” by Rex Orange County

“In the song, he talks about how his partner has always been there for him and how she makes his life better. I’m someone who focuses on the lyrics to my favorite songs, and those lyrics are so simple but you can see how dedicated he is to it. There’s a moment in the song where he says ‘She’s on her way to me / Means everything will be better soon.’ It’s such a simple yet powerful declaration of love and how someone makes you feel. – Nadia Sharf, Art Editor

“In My Arms” – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

“In “Into My Arms” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, an atheist sings a prayer to a god he doesn’t believe in, asking that God never touch a hair on his partner’s head. He begs that if God directs his partner anywhere is only in his arms.If you’re another Catholic school survivor, this one’s for you.After listing all the things Cave doesn’t believe in – God, the angels – he sings, “but I believe in love / And I know you do too.” Cave captures a selfless, almost spiritual kind of love. – Tory Basile, Community and Local Arts Reporter

songs for sorrow

“Sleeping to Dream” by Fiona Apple

“This song is about getting out of an unhealthy relationship while being confident in your ability to survive. There’s also such an unwavering sense of confidence in Fiona Apple’s discography that can really speak to anyone in need of a boost. confidence during a difficult time – Lexi Lindenmayer, art writer

“It’s Too Late” by Carole King

“King sings about how she realizes her once-promising relationship is coming to an end. While she puts on a brave face through it all, she acknowledges that they just grew apart. Some people pull away from each other, and she recognizes that and presents that in a very empowering way. – Sami Sharfin, IU auditorium reporter

How Was Your Day by baebadoobee

“She sings that she hasn’t heard of her lover’s day, as well as the good (or) bad parts of their relationship. It hits a lot harder after a breakup when you realize you need to get away from that person and that a part of your life is missing. I appreciate the amount of emotion you can hear in his voice, it really adds to the whole experience. – Lana Salahieh, Journalist, Jacobs School of Music

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misidentified Carole King.

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