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Chris Norman’s name may be familiar to you as he was the lead singer of Smokie. The group enjoyed huge success in the 1970s with hits such as Live next to Alice and If you think you know how to love me and gave many concerts in the Northeast.

Since leaving the band, Norman has pursued a successful solo career, particularly in Germany.

New album

On this new album, Norman covers some of his favorite love songs. I talked to Chris about his new album. He explained:

“I tried to keep the main essence of the song. All the guitar riffs or melodies we kept and recorded the songs as if they were new but at the same time keeping the essence of the song, I liked doing it and at the same time it was very fun to do »

The Bee Gees Song To love someone is a highlight of the album. Chris said:

“We met them around 1975. We were doing a TV show and after meeting them in a restaurant afterwards they were very complimentary because they liked Smokie’s first hit, If you think you know how to love me

I think if Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees heard this new version of To love someone he would also be delighted. The rendition here, however, sounds like a Smokie song with harmonies reminiscent of their big hits.

need you now originally recorded by Lady Antebellum still gives a country vibe although Norman’s raspy voice is instantly recognizable.

by Bob Dylan Make you feel My Love is best known these days through Adele’s version, but Norman here gives the song a more soulful edge with his more heartfelt vocals.

Old songs for a new audience

White Satin Nights doesn’t differ much from the Moody Blues version, though again the harmonies sound like they came from an old Smokie track. I feel like Norman was a fan of most of the artists who originally recorded those songs. Some might say he is taking a safe route recording these songs, although that may be true, I think he will introduce a lot of them to a new audience.

by Bruno Mars Just the way you are receives a bit more rock treatment which seems to push Norman’s voice before the album ends with First time I saw your face as a delicate voice treats the song with respect.

Hopefully we’ll see Norman on tour next year playing those songs that will sound great alongside his. Maybe it’s time for you to discover this successful album?

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