Chip Deffaa’s new album IRVING BERLIN LOVE SONGS with Betty Buckley & More is now available



ASCAP Award-winning writer / producer Chip Deffaa’s new CD “Irving Berlin: Love Songs and Such” – featuring Broadway and cabaret personalities such as Betty Buckley, Anita Gillette, Karen Mason, Stephen Bogardus , Jon Peterson, Jeff Harnar and Steve Ross – out now. The album – available on Amazon, iTunes, Footlight Records, etc. as a physical CD or digital download – can be ordered here.

From the Berlin shows that Deffaa presented at the venerable 13th Street Theater, the album features more than two dozen Berlin songs – a mix of classics and never-before-seen rarities – sung by artists such as Seth Sikes, Jerry Dixon, Sarah Rice. , Natalie Douglas, Giuseppe Bausilio, Ray DeMattis, Analise Scarpaci, Brian Letendre, Eric Comstock, Bobby Belfry, Matthew Nardozzi, Jack Corbin, Molly Ryan, Michael Townsend Wright, Joan Jaffe, Jed Peterson, Alec Deland, Keith Anderson, Luis Villabon, Dea Julien, Katherine Paulsen, Ryan Muska, Mark Dodici, Will Alvarado, and more, with musical direction from Richard Danley. Grammy Award winner Andy Stein is introduced to the violin.

Widely regarded as the foremost living authority on Berlin music, Deffaa has written six Berlin-published broadcasts, and 15 of the 32 albums he has produced are devoted to Berlin music. Deffaa has produced more recordings of Berlin music than anyone else alive. With more albums in the works.

“Berlin is the most successful songwriter in history,” notes Deffaa. “In each of the Berlin albums we try to have the right singer for each song. I am honored to be able to include masters in their craft like Tony Award winner Betty Buckley, Karen Mason, Stephen Bogardus, Jeff Harnar , and Anita Gillette – who starred in the last Broadway musical in Berlin and gives us a direct connection to the master.

“Broadway veteran Ray DeMattis brings a lifetime of experience to his performance of ‘When I Leave the World Behind’. And Jon Peterson dazzles as well with his tap dancing as with his singing. But I’m nonetheless proud of our younger singers, like Analise Scarpaci (currently on Broadway in “Mrs. Doubtfire”) and Matthew Nardozzi (who won a “Young Entertainers Award” in Hollywood for his work with me) , which magnificently sings a few unpublished Berlin ballads on young love. And Jack Corbin – who has a voice as beautiful as any young singer out there – is truly an artist to watch. “

The performers on the album range from around 18 to 85 years old. “The album features jazz / cabaret artists – like Eric Comstock and Molly Ryan – whom I have enjoyed for years. The unrivaled Steve Ross – whom the New York Times calls ‘The Crown Prince of Cabaret’ – performs Berlin waltzes, painful with nostalgia, as only he can. Natalie Douglas delivers the best version of Berlin’s “Yiddisha Nightingale” I have ever heard. This album has the strongest lineup of all 32 albums I’ve released to date. Many of my favorite artists are here. “

Slau Halatyn is the sound engineer for the album. Frank Avellino did graphic design. Steve Garrin, Tyler DuBoys and Jesse D. Riehl share the production credits. The album is dedicated to Betty Buckley.

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