Chilies shunned their songs when John Frusciante returned



Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea said the band avoided playing any of his songs during the first jam with returning guitarist John Frusciante.

He noted the fortuitous relevance of the date in 2019 when they started again after firing Josh Klinghoffer so Frusciante’s third stint could begin.

“The day of our first rehearsal was, insanely, exactly 10 years from the day he announced he was leaving the band,” Flea said. KROQ in a recent interview. “Instead of just going back to trying to write songs right away, or going and playing old Chili Peppers songs to get into the groove, it was fun to just play covers, do it in a really smooth and easy way.” He added that it was “fun [to] play songs from bands you love. … It was more to calmly get back into what we were doing, without feeling like we had to go to work.

The bassist pointed out that Frusciante “has a profound impact on everything we do, and even when we weren’t in the band, he had a profound impact on everything we do. He’s just the most focused, most dedicated, most committed musician who is able to muster that diligence and focus on what he’s doing coherently. It just uplifts us. … Really, the most important thing is that we all speak the same language, and when he’s in the band, we’re able to communicate with each other without talking to each other and create a lot of music very fluidly.

The group will release their new album Unlimited love – his first with Frusciante since 2006 Stadium Arcadium – the 1st of April.

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