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A singer Sia party 46e birthday today!

Sia was born Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, was born on December 18, 1975 in Adelaide, Australia.

Sia was part of the acid jazz band “Crisp” in the mid-90s. When Crisp broke up in 1997, Sia began a solo career that drew fans from all over the world. Since then, she has been making hits that have gained worldwide recognition!

Take a look at what fans have to say about Sia’s top hits below!


One of Sia’s most popular songs is “Chandelier” which was released on May 6, 2014. The music video racked up over 2,450,969,002 views on her birthday!

“I don’t know who is more talented: the girl, the singer or the cameraman,” one fan joked.

“This song never gets old,” wrote another fan. “No matter how much I listen, I never get bored.”

“They don’t do hits like this anymore, this song is legendary,” commented another fan.

Another fan said: “The choreography, the facial expressions and the dancing … What an art !!”

“For me, Sia, with her vocal performance in that song, blew up all the performers she wrote songs for,” said another. “The chandelier is like a ‘let me show you how it’s made’ statement. You just can’t put more emotion into a voice.

“Cheap thrills”

The cut for the performance of “Cheap Thrills” was dropped on March 21, 2016, proving that Sia is a true triple threat.

“A message to future generations,” commented one fan. “Don’t let this song die.”

“Music is a language that anyone can understand,” said another fan. “No matter how different we are, anyone can feel the vibrations.”

“I love his job and his singing style,” said another. “And in 2021, I’m listening to this song again.”

“I love the song but the choreography elevates it to excellence,” commented another.

Another shared: “2021 is ending, but I still can’t stop listening to this masterpiece.”

“It’s crazy how many people come here every day,” said another fan. “This song is a legend. It’s so addicting.

“This song will last forever, every generation will love it,” said another. “This song has no death.”

“Soon we will be found”

Although Sia released “Soon We’ll Be Found” on October 5, 2009, almost 12 years ago! – Fans were blown away by Sia’s visual performance here, where she uses sign language and hand shapes to tell a story.

“Sia is not a song to hear,” commented one fan. “Sia is an experience to be lived.

“I really wish Sia would make videos like this one that she shows herself in again,” said another.

“It’s such an underrated masterpiece, I wonder HOW I haven’t heard it before,” said another fan.

“Sia is a real artist,” said another.

“I still feel extremely privileged to have been able to see Sia live during this time,” wrote another fan. “Hands down the best live voice I have ever heard and will ever hear and with such meaningful lyrics.”

“This is amazing !!!” another said. “She is one of the few major artists to integrate sign language.”

“I find sign language so intense,” wrote another. “A lady from our fellowship signs with some of the songs of praise we sing. It’s really beautiful and adds an element to the lyrics that brings the songs to life. Good job, Sia.

Fans can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for the “Unstoppable” singer, but they can’t wait to find out!

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