Carrie Underwood reveals why she doesn’t sing love songs



Carrie Underwood recently revealed why she doesn’t sing love songs.

Underwood stopped by on Amazon’s Country Heat Weekly podcast hosted by Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson, explaining that she’d rather ‘kill a guy than talk about how much [she] love them.

Sutton told Underwood that she now had enough material for a collection of “Carrie Strikes Back” revenge songs, prompting Underwood to explain why she’s not fit to sing about love.

“But you know what I don’t have?” Love songs,” Underwood said. “I don’t sing love songs. I’d rather kill a guy than say how much I love him,” she explained. “It’s true. I just like the strong character that takes nothing from anyone. And while it’s a little different, like you’re thinking “Ghost Story,” you know she’s not doing anything to get revenge on that guy. It’s just like, ‘I’m just telling you that you’re going to want me back and I won’t be here.'”

“It writes itself,” Sutton replied.

“If you were done wrong, I got you,” Underwood agreed.

Additionally, Underwood shared how his new single, “Ghost Story” from his new album, Jeans & Rhinestoneshas come to.

“I’ve written a lot over the last year and some people I work with – David Garcia, whose co-producer is Hillary Lindsey, I’ve worked with her since day one, and Josh Kear, who of course wrote ‘Before he didn’t cheat”, he wrote “Two Black Cadillacs”, he wrote “Blown Away”. So the three of them got together and they specifically wanted to write a song for me because I had written with them anyway So they got together and did this,” Underwood said.

“It’s very well written, the lyrics are very cool. When you hear “Ghost Story”, you think: “What is it? What does that mean?” And the point of view is, “I’m going to haunt you. You broke up, I moved on, I’m fine, but my memory won’t leave you. So it’s metaphorical, “I’m gonna be your ghost story, I’m gonna haunt you, you’re gonna want me.” So it’s very well written, but I feel like the music is kind of this which really sucked me in. she continued.

Underwood also explained that she was drawn to the song because it sounded “different” to what’s currently on country radio.

“Of course, those three were getting together and writing amazing lyrics, but I felt like it just sounded different than anything on the radio. I felt like their chord choices were interesting. Hillary sang on the demo. So whenever she sings, I feel like I can automatically hear myself because we have pretty much the same range. So I just thought “wow, this could be some kind of epic”. It’s very cinematic, it’s very dramatic, and I love those things,” she explained.

Underwood’s new album, Jeans & Rhinestoneswas released on June 10 via Capitol Records/UMG Nashville.

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