Brighton Reinhardt Says New Love Songs For Girlfriend Cassie Randolph “Just Wrote Themselves”




Christian Rios Brighton

The romance reel of Cassie Randolph and musician Brighton Reinhardt’s relationship over the past year and a half may look a bit like an Instagram highlight reel.

But for Reinhardt, life wasn’t always so easy.

“I usually try to keep it off social media, but I’m getting a little more open about it,” Brighton, 24, told PEOPLE in an interview where he opened up about his lifelong battle against a rare bone disease called congenital pseudarthrosis. . “I’ve had about 20 surgeries now and I’ve broken my leg about nine times. Every time I’ve broken it they should take [the bone] outside, make a bone graft and replace it with a new one. Usually I’m out for about a year.”

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Fortunately, growing up and settling into his life has helped the California native better manage his condition.

“I’ve mellowed a bit since I was younger,” model Wilhelmina says. “I used to surf and be in skate parks all the time. After my last surgery, about four years ago, this one pushed me back a bit and made me realize that I don’t don’t need to be the crazy teenager I used to be.”



Christian Rios Brighton

Instead, aided in part by Randolph’s continued support, Reinhardt has adopted several health practices that he believes give him the best chance of staying as healthy as possible.

“I try to take my staple vitamins like calcium and vitamin D just to stay healthy and also try to stay active because weight is another thing you have to watch,” he says. “If I go over a certain weight, it’s too much pressure on my leg. I just have to try to stay active, take my supplements and try to be healthy. That’s really all I can do.”

The restrictions resulting from his condition are one of the main reasons Reinhardt says he started playing guitar at an early age.

“I just fell in love with the music,” Reinhardt recalls. “It’s one of those things that has helped me deal with the pain, taught me a lot of patience and made the time go by faster.”

Of course, time is something Reinhardt seems to be enjoying immensely right now alongside girlfriend Randolph, 26, who fans got to know while she was on season 23 of The single person. It was there that she met former fiancé Colton Underwood, from whom she separated in 2020.

“We were such good friends from the start,” Reinhardt says of his relationship with Randolph, which was documented in part last year in the music video for his single “Dreaming,” a song dripping with California groove. carefree. “It’s the first time I’ve been in a relationship like this, where I was really good friends with someone before I moved on.”

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Granted, taking the relationship from platonic to romantic didn’t come without a bit of hesitation for the couple.

“We didn’t want to lose each other as friends,” says Reinhardt.

Nonetheless, they took that big step forward and haven’t looked back since. In fact, their relationship inspired much of Reinhardt’s latest EP, an EP that underwent something of a metamorphosis upon its creation, as Brighton’s life was going through one too.

“I had been through a pretty bad breakup, so most of the songs were sad breakup songs,” he says. “And then I met my beautiful girlfriend, and I decided that I didn’t want to focus too much on the breakups through the project. I left two breakup songs in there, and then the other songs are love songs. These just wrote themselves.”



Christian Rios Brighton

And they continue to do so, as Brighton says he is currently working on new music.

“I usually show Cassie a song every day,” he told PEOPLE. “Usually I show her when I get back from the studio or just text her. She says she loves them all.”

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