Bret McKenzie announces new album Songs Without Jokes; Shares the new song “A Little Tune”



Bret McKenzie announces new album Songs Without Jokes;  Share the new song

Bret McKenzie announced his new album songs without jokes on May 11, a supposed break from his comedy songs of the past. As a member of The Flight Of The Conchords, McKenzie’s music had been featured on shows such as The Simpsons. Now McKenzie notes it’s time for something different.

“After Conchords I worked on songs for the Muppet movies, and during one session I thought it would be fun someday to work on songs that weren’t for someone else, that don’t have to be storytelling or be funny or continue the narrative plot, ticking all the boxes for the character in the movie,” McKenzie said. “I thought it would be fun to make a record like that, something different.”

Although the lyrics of the first single “A Little Tune” show a clear departure from his comedic past, the melody remains similar to his previous work. McKenzie allows the listener to travel down memory lane in this song due to its retro feel with classy instrumentals and fun overtones.

The jazzy jam is a song that comments on eternal love with lyrics like “Not a day goes by that I don’t think I love you // Not a night goes by that I don’t dream I’m here // Not a day don’t pass without me thinking I need you.” The video is a fun accompaniment to the song with McKenzie, driving a rowdy audience to the chagrin of a stagehand.

The full album is set for release on August 26 with pre-orders available. here.

Complete tracklist:

01 This world

02 If you wanna go

03 Dave’s

04 Here’s to you

05 This is THE

06 In the smoke

07 Carry On

08 A Little Air

09 America goodbye

10 Tomorrow today

11 crazy moments


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