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They don’t write them like they used to? Well, maybe not like often like they used to – look at the top of the Billboard in the 20th century charts and chances are you won’t find as high a percentage of love songs as you might have decades earlier. Where once the love song essentially marked a kind of default mode for pop music, today the top 40 encompasses more topics than ever: identity, sexuality, personal struggles, not talking about Bruno , and countless others.

Take a look at the biggest names in 21st century music: Drake, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Adele, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran. They all have several unforgettable love songs to their credit, which have earned the artists some of their greatest and most beloved. Form and content may have evolved since the days of the Ronettes and the Beach Boys – hell, since the days of Boyz II Men and Celine Dion – but it remains an essential and inextricable part of the experience. pop, and will likely remain so as long as popular music exists.

Here are our staff’s picks for the 50 Greatest Love Songs of the 21st Century – keeping mostly the most aww-worthy end of the spectrum to keep the energy just right for this Valentine’s Day. (If you’re not feeling particularly in the mood for love today, we’ve got you covered.)

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