Best Love Songs From Movies



No matter what your relationship status is, there’s nothing like a good love song. Whether you hear them on the radio, on your breakup playlists, or in your favorite Hollywood movies, love songs can trigger emotions that and break us down.

Some of the best love songs from movies

What’s the first love song that comes to your mind?

For me, it’s at Céline Dion my heart Will Go On of Titanic. This tear shooter brings me back to the scene where Jack and Rose are at the front of the ship and Rose says “I’m flying!” (Take our quiz to see if you remember it correctly Titanic.)

Pop star and famous activist Lady Gaga’s Always remember us this way of A star is born sends chills up my arms and down my spine every time I hear it. Her and Bradley Cooper wrote and performed so many amazing songs for this movie, including Shallow, who got Gaga her first Oscar for Best Original Song.

Love songs from movies have the power to teleport us straight to the scene in the movie – or even to a scene from our own real or imagined love story.

The range of emotions you experience while listening to love songs from movies exemplify the complexity and beauty of romantic love.

Some love songs from movies make us want to get up and dance:

  • (I had) the time of my life through Bill medley with Jennifer warnes in Dirty dance
  • You are the one i want through John Travolta and Olivia newton-john in Fat

Others make us want to sing along like we’re at our favorite karaoke bar:

While other hit songs are given new meaning when included in movie soundtracks:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with our playlist

You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate love! We show our love for YOU with a specially designed Valentine’s Day 2021 playlist. Think of it as your soundtrack for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Our Spotify playlist includes 75 of the best love songs from movies, including Rewrite the stars through Zendaya and Zac Efron of The greatest showman, Young and beautiful through Lana del rey of Gatsby the magnificent, Mystery of love through Sufjan stevens of Call me by your name, and much more.

Check it out here:

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The way you feel when listening to some of the best love songs from movies is proof that Hollywood is a part of us all. That’s why we’re reinventing to bring you entertainment information that entertains you and makes you feel good. Be a part of the Hollywood good in your own neighborhood with our app (coming soon!) Which gives you a whole new way to buy movie tickets in seconds. Follow us on Instagram for more Hollywood wellness stories.

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