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The fall 2022 anime season is most stacked in a long time, featuring not only highly anticipated new shows, but also revivals of legendary and classic shows, as well as sequels to current popular shows. This season has a lot of expectations to fulfill, and so far it has managed to blow them out of the water.

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The openings and endings of this season have also been really excellent, more so than the usual season. With so many great shows coming out, it’s only natural that production companies go out of their way to make sure they have strong musical themes to go along with them, and these are the best anime season ending songs. from fall 2022.


10/10 “Subete Ga Soko Ni Arimasu You Ni” (Golden Kamuy Season 4)

The wildly exciting and exuberant historical anime Golden Kamuy returns for a fourth season. Its new ending, performed by The Spellbound, is a smooth rock song with light piano instrumentation and heavenly harmonious vocals.

The song is accompanied by visuals of Golden KamuyThe actors in the massive set all appear on newspaper printouts blowing in the night wind. The ending is simple and understated, but it’s a good way to calm down after a hectic episode of these characters’ crazy adventures.

9/10 “Sketch” (My Hero Academia Season 6)

The sixth season of the hugely popular superhero series my hero academia launches the Paranormal Liberation War arc. Its ending, performed by singer Kiro Akiyama, is a pop rock ballad that reflects the serious nature of the season’s storylines.

The ending visuals largely feature stills of the massive cast, but special attention is given to main character Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and main villain Tomura Shigaraki, highlighting their possible clash in the future. The mood is dark and melancholy, a good representation of what’s to come.

8/10 “Saihate” (Bleach: Bloody Thousand Year War)

After ten years, the final arc of the Bleach the series finally begins with a new ending to show. “Saihate,” performed by J-pop singer SennaRin, is a dark, moody synthpop groove that matches the atmosphere of the new series.

The ending visuals are rather understated, focusing on the various Zanpakutos of Gotei 13’s Soul Reapers. The dark colors and artwork, combined with the new ending theme, go a long way in establishing the type of series. Bloody Thousand Year War gonna be like.

7/10 “Cobalt” (Mob Psycho 100 Season 3)

Mob Psycho 100’s third and final season has begun, and its final ending, “Cobalt,” establishes that finality masterfully. Performed by Mob Choir, the same musical project that performed all previous Mob Psycho 100 openings, the song is a smooth indie rock ballad, moving seamlessly between peppy instrumental segments and slower, more subdued segments.

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Ending visuals echo the thick brush style used in the end of the first season as it depicts Mob wandering the city at night. Its calm and dark atmosphere brings out the finality of the series and is a great way to cap off a strong series.

6/10 “Kimi Yo Kedakaku Are” (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury)

The most recent entry in the Gundam series already making huge waves in the anime community. Its ending, performed by Shiyui and Ryo, is a fast and energetic rock that combines hard-hitting guitar riffs with melodic lines of violin and piano.

The ending visuals largely focus on the connection between the two main characters Suletta Mercury and Miorine Rembran, with scenes that symbolize the kind of trials and tribulations they both have to go through. The ending ends with a scene that hints that happiness awaits them both, which makes for a very healthy sequence overall.

5/10 “Natsu No Yuki” (Inner Palace Crow)

Inner Palace Raven isn’t as heavily talked about as some of the other shows on this list, but its ending theme is definitely one of the best. Performed by Krage, the song is a slow, smooth ballad punctuated by an incredibly moving vocal performance.

Ending visuals feature the Raven Consort, Shouxue, as well as the many other members of the Chinese court she meets during the series. While there is definitely a sense of melancholy throughout the song, there is also a sense of warmth and belonging.

4/10 “Roots” (To Your Eternity Season 2)

To your eternity is back for a second season, and while its opening hasn’t changed, its ending has. “Roots” is composed by Masashi Hamauzu, well known for his work on several Final Fantasy games, and his talent is put to work here with an incredible ambient soundscape littered with soothing and unnerving synth sounds.

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Ending visuals feature the cast of To your eternity frolic across a sunny plain, with more characters arriving over time. It’s a warm, soothing, but also melancholic sequence that fits perfectly with the music played on it.

3/10 “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous” (Urusei Yatsura 2022)

The classic anime reboot Urusei Yatsura blew expectations out of the water with its opening and ending. “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous”, performed by the musical group MAISONdes and featuring singer KAF and composer Tsumiki, is an 80s retro song full of energetic synthpop beats.

The ending visuals heavily feature the main heroine Lum, showing her in various poses and outfits. The aesthetic of the 80s is omnipresent in this sequence, from its colors to the aesthetic choices. The ending is a big celebration of the show and proof that a lot of care is behind the show.

2/10 “Shikisai” (Spy Family X Part 2)

The Incredibly Popular Spy x Family is back for her second yard, and with a new ending with her. “Shikisai” is performed by vocalist Yama, and her vocals are the highlight of the song, backed by a bouncy, jazzy instrumental section.

The visuals are the most interesting part of the ending, moving from scene to scene in the Forger house, showing each of the Forgers during their lifetime. The scene ends with a big dinner scene, completing the wholesome and warm atmosphere that people have come to expect from this hugely popular series.

1/10 “Chainsaw Blood” (Chainsaw Man)

Chainsaw Man is the most anticipated series this season and for good reason. The series plans to have a different ending for each episode, but since it would be a bit too much to have more than one ending from the same show, Chainsaw Man is represented by its best ending yet: “Chainsaw Blood”, performed by vocalist Vaundy. The song is a hard-hitting rock track that gets viewers pumping even more than the opening.

The ending of the first episode has no visuals, but there is a promo video on MAPPA’s YouTube channel cutting the song from Episode 1. Despite this, “Chainsaw Blood” is easily the best ending theme. of the season, however Chainsaw Man could show him real competition in the future.

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