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Music has the power to move you in the moment and be linked to a memory for life. So, the song you choose for your first dance as the newlyweds on your wedding day should be touching and memorable – and as unique as you and your love together.

To choose the perfect personal and sentimental song, consider each of your personalities and the journey of your love story, says Tawny Ballard, St. Louis wedding photographer. “Couples should look for a first dance song that makes sense to them,” she adds. “Whether it’s the first song you’ve danced together as a couple, a song you listen to on repeat, a song you love to listen to together, or just a song that reminds you of your fiancé, both partners should feel a connection. with the lyrics of the song and being able to imagine dancing with their new spouse on their wedding day to this song.

The track should also have the right pace for honeymooners, whether it’s slow and sentimental or something a little faster and upbeat, Ballard adds. One of his personal favorites? “I love that Etta James’ ‘At Last’ is a classic, but never gets old,” she says. “It’s a song that has stood the test of time and still brings tears to the eyes of guests in the room. It’s a slower song, but its beauty holds the attention of guests. The lyrics are also so sweet!

Scroll through Ballard’s playlist for gender neutral tracks that are sure to make any couple’s first dance special.

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