Armaan Malik on love songs: I seek archival value more than instant gratification



While singer Armaan Malik has received positive responses for his latest English single “You,” he says for a love song, he seeks its archival value more than instant gratification. Known for delivering several hit songs, both in films as a playback singer and in several music videos as an independent artist, Armaan has managed to gain and maintain a solid following of fans over the past 15 years. years. Armaan told IANS: “There are two types of music happening, one is these seasonal, party songs where we look forward to releasing such dance numbers so instantly these songs become the anthem. of the party…we’re looking for a quick pick up on these songs. Armaan Malik: Artists shouldn’t waste their art looking for numbers.

“But when it comes to my romantic songs, I’m looking for its archival value, its longevity, rather than instant gratification. Right now ‘You’ is a song I’ve been working on for 2 years. It’s a simple love song but every time you listen to it, I want my listener to fall in love again, once again. It’s that feeling after listening to the song, that I want to achieve as an artist. He went on to add: “Such an impact takes a little longer to come but it lasts a long time. That’s the kind of validation I want from my fans.” Armaan Malik: the race for views, likes and streams is killing the artist and art.

The song ‘You’ is sung by Armaan. The lyrics are written by Jack Edwards, Natania Lalwani and Felicia Ferraro. The video for the song also featured Emma Declercq with Armaan. Starting his music career at a very young age of 10, he made his Bollywood debut singing with the song ‘Bum Bum Bhole’ in 2007 for the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’.

Asked what he misses the most since he started gaining attention as a singer at an early age, Armaan replied, “Well, the popularity and recognition I have for my music are a blessing so i have no problem with the all in little things restrictions that come with celebrity status yes now i am more comfortable with attention but earlier when i was just 20 or 21, when guys my age can do whatever they want, I was just focused on music and living a very disciplined life because honestly, I worship my music.

Check out the song below:

“I don’t know anything but my music, that’s the most important thing. If there’s a few things I can’t afford to do…it would be shopping, eating out, etc. without being noticed. For example, I love to eat Gujarati thali. Whenever I had my gig in Ahmedabad and posted that if I want to walk around, walk into a little thali restaurant to eat and relax people would be there… it makes me aware I know they love me and the attention they give me but it’s the little joys that are sometimes restricted but that’s ok I’m comfortable with the attention The song ‘You’ is available on YouTube and all streaming platforms.

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