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No matter how many years go by, Camp rock is still one of the most iconic Disney Channel original movies of all time!

Featuring Demi Lovato, Joe jonas, Nick jonas, Kevin Jonas, Meaghan Martin, Alyson stoner and Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, among others, the film premiered in June 2008 and launched the careers of so many big stars. Not to mention that the original songs were super catchy. When a rockstar named Shane Gray and his band mates are forced to volunteer at a music-filled summer camp, he unknowingly falls in love with a mysterious girl after hearing her voice sing. The voice belonged to Mitchie Torres, an aspiring musician, who ultimately stole his heart. Not only did the film have tons of fans, it even spawned an equally successful sequel, Camp Rock 2: the last jam.

Thanks to Disney +, fans can walk back in time and relive the film over and over again. And, as it turns out, viewers aren’t the only ones obsessed with the sense of nostalgia brought on by the comeback movie, the former stars are too. In fact, Nick, Kevin and Joe recreated one of their most famous Camp rock scenes via TikTok in January 2020. The brothers wore wigs and sat in the back of the car while channeling their past characters for the epic moment that is sure to go down in history. “Presented without comment”, Joe captioned the clip.

“I don’t want to ruin my summer in a camp! I’m Shane Gray for screaming out loud! Joe mouthed in the video. Then it was Nick’s turn, rebuilding his line and his famous curly hair, he said, “Hey man, we loved this place!” Three years ago, we were campers!

Kevin, for his part, added: “This is where Connect 3… connected.”

Of course, Connect 3 was the fictional group of the Jonas Brothers in the movies. After the re-enactment video, Joe continued the joke for another TikTok clip in which he said to the camera, “I’m done with this shit… No paparazzi.” As for the legend? The “Sucker” frontman hilariously went with “LeAvE sHaNe AlOnE”.

Before their viral videos, the JoBros even raised the possibility of a Camp Rock 3 during an interview with CapitalFM in March 2019. “We would probably opt more for a sketch, like a SNL skit or something, ”the group said at the time. The boys definitely got their wish. Not to mention, they still play Camp rock songs on tour!

Speaking of songs, scroll through our gallery to walk the path to memory and see which Camp rock the tunes stand the test of time.

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