88rising’s Stephanie Poetri Opens Up About Her Love Language and New Single “Breakfast in Bed”



“I think people can say, I can say I’m more honest and happier talking about my own experiences,” Stephanie Poetri told NextShark on a Zoom call.

The 22-year-old Indonesian singer-songwriter may be best known for her ‘Avengers: Endgame’-inspired hit song ‘I Love You 3000’, but she has over 3,000 ways to express love. in his discography and his life.

Following the March release of his EP “oh to be in love,” Poetri returns with “Breakfast in Bed,” an infectiously sweet anthem that has all the softness of the sheets and bed mentioned in the song’s lyrics.

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Songwriting is a personal recipe

“Going into the sessions now, I’m explicitly saying that I only write love songs, and in that sense, that just means I don’t write sad songs,” Poetri shares. “So ‘Breakfast in Bed’ was that. What are some great songs I could write? That’s pretty much the feeling of home you get when you’re just in bed with your partner in the morning and you’re like, “We could go out or just have breakfast.”

While working on “Breakfast in Bed”, American rapper and songwriter Gnash, born Garrett Charles Nash, was initially there to help Poetri write songs. However, Poetri asked if he would be interested in chiming in on the second verse. He eventually became poetic by spending time with a significant other playing “Mario Kart” and watching “The Office”, the latter being something Poetri has never seen.

“A lot of it is personal with the verse I wrote, how I feel and experience things,” Poetri says. “Then with Garrett’s verse, it was stuff that I don’t like very much, but he likes. We try our best to make it as specific to our own situation as possible.

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“I think as a listener myself, I love when something is so specific that it’s almost like a little insight into their own personal life that we don’t usually show,” she adds. .

Love languages ​​on and off stage

A look at something personal: Poetri took an online love language test two days ago, and quality time is his first love language. “The other is between gifts and words of affirmation, one of the two,” she shares.

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“Anyway, I think quality time is most important to me,” she adds. “Receive and give. Strangely, I feel like an extrovert. That’s not to say I want to hang out all the time, but if I’m in a room with someone else doing my own thing, that’s kind of the ideal situation.

Her outgoingness has come in handy when performing in front of large, boisterous crowds at festivals such as 88rising’s. Head in the clouds. And a key factor that helps him perform acoustic and diaphanous tunes is his band.

“What’s great is having a band because I think with these acoustic songs, something that makes them special is the fact that you can hear the instrument live. It just makes it more intimate too because you can hear every scratch and how our relationship is on stage,” Poetri says.

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“I always tend to go into more intimate situations too. I like when I talk to the crowd. It gets a little more difficult during festivals, because I’m like, ‘How are you feeling?’ and you just hear a bunch of people yelling back… definitely a different vibe than what I think I’m most comfortable with, which is when I can see every face and hear the responses from Most people.

Hometown, K-pop, and the perfect breakfast

From the comfort of her bed in Los Angeles, where she moved from Jakarta about two years ago, Poetri will come full circle as she prepares for Head in the Clouds in Jakarta and Manila in December.

“I’m very excited to do Head in the Clouds Indonesia and Manila. I think Head in the Clouds has so much potential that I can’t wait for it to happen all over the world. I’m really glad they’re going to Jakarta , which is my hometown. I know a lot of 88rising artists grew up in Jakarta, so I think it’s the perfect place to start,” says Poetri.

Some of the other artists joining the lineups of upcoming festivals are NIKI, Rich Brian, BIBI, Milli, joji and member and soloist of GOT7 Jackson Wangwith whom Poetri collaborated for a rendition of “I Love You 3000”.

When asked if she was interested in collaborating with other K-pop artists, Poetri said that she “would love to write a K-pop song” and that she “has connected with girl groups these days. last time”. She listed NewJeans, ive, girls generation and (G)I-DLE as his current favourites.

“I really like Girls’ Generation’s ‘Forever One’. I think it was kind of weirdly emotional, even though I got into K-pop pretty late. I wasn’t necessarily there when they started. , but it was super cool to see. I can’t wait to hear (G)I-DLE’s ‘Nxde’ as well,” Poetri shares.

As for his favorite meal “Breakfast in bed”?

“Crepes, but maybe not [with] all the syrups and stuff [that could spill]… In general, my favorite is a good waffle, a good French toast. I also like baking, I like a good croissant.

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