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As covered in Thursday’s Yellow Diamonds (May 5), Ella Mai has returned from a four-year hiatus between albums with a batch of new headline anthems. Have the heart on the hand, the singer’s second album, finds her in a romantic bag that anyone who knows “Boo’d Up” will recognize. Much like her breakthrough single from 2018, the best tracks on Mai’s latest project are heartfelt, nose-wide-open love songs.

What keeps these ballads fresh throughout the album’s 55 minutes is the dynamic writing of each song. With confidence and passion, Mai and her co-authors put into words what seem to be the most indescribable by-products of love. Tracks like “Break My Heart,” “Hide,” and “A Mess” don’t even sound like love songs based on their titles alone, but that’s how Mai and company look at what it means to let her unguarded love, finding shelter with someone else, and dealing with a flawed romance that makes them so swoon-worthy.

While other artists have released great love songs since 2018, few artists have built a brand as synonymous with infatuation as Ella Mai’s. Read on to see the singer’s purest love lyrics throughout Have the heart on the handas well as breakdowns that might otherwise make them Yellow Diamond candidates.

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