8 BTS Songs About The Universe To Listen To While Waiting For Jin’s The Astronaut



BTS Songs often address everyday issues with unique and poignant metaphors. The group compared a toxic relationship to the fragility of a house of cards and took comfort in the loneliness of a whale emitting a sound that can only be heard by the same species in whale 52.

They are known for their deep, emotional lyrics almost as much as they are for their jaw-dropping performances. While the DNA The group has released dozens of songs inspired by nature, BTS’s songs about space and celestial bodies are really special.

With BTS’s Jin about to release his first single titled The astronautIt’s a great time to watch 8 space-themed BTS songs that just hit different.

Wishing On a Star, 134340, Mikrokosmos and 5 Other BTS Songs About Space And The Universe

1) THE STARS (2014)

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One of the group’s first Japanese songs, THE STARS seems to predict its enormous success in the future. Written by RM, I hopeand SUGA, along with Pdogg and KM-Markit, the song pushes the group to work harder because there will be “shining stars” of success in the future waiting for them.

As one of BTS’ previous songs, it gives fans a glimpse of their progress from the start. From dreaming of becoming big to accomplishing so much in the nine years since their debut, THE STARS is a testament to the band’s dedication to their dreams.

“A day ends in your mind, inside the building/ It’s the only thing money can’t buy/ Dreams are free-size, aim for the huge sky/ In your chest yes! The big one milky way ON THE FLOW!”

2) wish a star (2016)

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Another gem from BTS’ vastly underrated Japanese discography, wish a star was published as part of YOUTH, the band’s second album in the language. The BTS song expands on the belief that a wish made on a shooting star will come true.

Often considered a fan favorite, the group performed the Korean version (and the original) of wish a star during BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO. The live version of the BTS song seemed to deeply embody the lyrics, with the group wishing to see fans back,

“The story we paint/ I’ll wish for a star to come true/ I’ll keep hoping/ Like tracing the stars/ I’ll wish again and again, I can’t wait/ ‘Cause I want to catch it/ Wish for a star.”

3) 134340 (2018)

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Once upon a time there were nine planets in the solar system. In 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) realized that Pluto was not large enough to “clean up the neighborhood around its orbit” and designated it a “dwarf planet”, according to Britannica.com. Cut to 2018, BTS dedicated 134340 of Do you like: 轉 Tear to the old planet, naming it according to its current astronomical nomenclature.

BTS’ song compares Pluto’s ousting to a broken relationship, ignoring the reason he was “kicked out.” Despite the loss of its name and its sudden withdrawal, the astronomical body continues its irregular orbit, adrift on a meaningless path.

With jazz-style music and breathy complementary vocals, 134340 boasts useful lyrics that will stay with the listener long after the song is over,

“There’s no name allowed for me/ Me too, I was your star/ You must feel good to be the light/ All I did was receive you.”

4) moon child (2018) by RM

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RM’s second mixtape, mono, features deeply introspective music born out of his personal reflections as part of BTS. This track, in particular, is for those who, in his words, “suffer from being happy”.

Burning the midnight oil, people often push themselves to the limit, working harder when they want to give up. These people shine brightest at night, finding solace in the darkness. RM also considers himself a “moon child”, adding that the night makes everyone’s thorns visible, unwittingly soothing someone else’s suffering.

Although it is not a BTS song involving all seven members, RM’s themes moon child seem to resonate in the lyrics he writes for the band.

5) Mikrokosmos (2019)

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Any space-themed BTS song playlist is incomplete without Mikrokosmos. Written for the band’s devoted fans, ARMY, the song celebrates the uniqueness of humanity.

Calling the lights of the 7 billion on the planet individual worlds, the BTS song seems to echo Plato’s idea of ​​the microcosm, which suggests that each person is their “own little world.” The diversity of these precious lights makes the night sky more beautiful, illuminating so many other lives.

The band used Mikrokosmos as the last song on the BTS World Tour setlist Do you like: Do you speakguaranteed to leave attendees with the message that, in the words of leader RM, they are part of the “little universe” of the septet.

6) Moon (2020) by Jin

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Jin from BTS seems to have a fondness for the universe, as evidenced by his next The astronaut and 2020s Moon. Co-written by Jin, the song is written from the perspective of the moon talking about her love for the earth.

The singer talks about the special bond he shares with fans in Moon. Jin says he “didn’t even have a name” before he got ARMY and received their love. He ends the song beautifully by asking fans if they realize how much they mean to him,

“Suddenly I wonder / Do you really know you? (Oh) / Do you know how beautiful your existence is? (Oh) / I will revolve around you / I will stay by your side / I will be your light / Everything for you.”

seven) Moonlight (2020) by Agust D

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In 2020, BTS’s SUGA released D-2his second mixtape under the name Agust D. The alter ego allows the rapper to tackle topics that might be considered too dark and separates his identity as a member of BTS from his solo tracks.

Moonlight is about SUGA’s career as a producer, exploring the insecurities and hardships that come at the expense of fame. He talks about feeling impostor syndrome and feeling unworthy of the titles bestowed upon him. The song also briefly touches on the steep creative block, a theme that is explored more deeply in Black Swan.

August D, in Moonlight, raps,

“That moonlight that shines on me at dawn/ It’s still the same as then/ Changes are bound to happen to everyone/ Maybe it’s the way we change that’s our karma to support.”

8) My world (2021) with Coldplay

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When Coldplay and BTS first announced their collaboration, fans of both groups were thrilled. The bands are mutual fans of each other and My world is a song that highlights what defines each band at its core.

My world showcases its Coldplay side with its instrumental track, attention to detail and the iconic voice of Chris Martin. On the other hand, it’s a BTS song because of the self-written Korean lyrics, the septet’s alternate vocals, and their freestyle dance at the end.

Coldplay X BTS’ song took a long time to create, and it’s no coincidence that the lyrics are about a love that seems unreachable due to distance or other difficulties. One could even say that the creative process was inspired by the encounter between the groups, with the universe on their side.

Jin of BTS was recently spotted at the airport. Presumably, he was flying to Argentina to take part in the first performance of her single The astronaut with Coldplay, who co-wrote the song. With his enlistment imminent, fans are determined to enjoy Jin’s debut performance with excitement.

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