50 greatest country love songs


Love is in the air, but you need a good country song to keep it going. This playlist of the greatest country love songs features some of the most romantic, endearing, satisfying, and – hum – passionate songs from hitmakers of every generation.

Country love songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s are on this list of the greatest lovers of all time. Robust male singers like Toby Keith, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Chris Young rub shoulders with tender and reassuring singers like Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood. Pick a few songs to help you have the perfect time, or hit play on the playlist above to enjoy 50 greatest country love songs, plus some bonus acoustic tracks from contemporary ones.

A great love song unites, so while it’s easy to lump well-meaning heartbreakers together with songs like “When You Say Nothing At All”, we didn’t. Our true north in deciding which songs would make this list was deciding which songs two lovers would like to listen to while sharing a special moment together. There is certainly some overlap between this list of country love songs and any list of the best wedding songs, but there are many songs. not make that jump. Some songs are so hot that they would make a lot of noise among older aunts if they were chosen for a first dance.

Find your favorite below and let us know on Twitter where we are right – and wrong! This definitive list of the best country music love songs was created by the staff of Taste of Country, with the help of readers and the recognition of relative popularity out and now. Songs that you no longer hear have been pushed to the list of more popular, often contemporary, love songs. A few classic love songs may even have missed the cut.

See the 50 Greatest Country Music Love Songs:

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