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The key to any anime soundtrack is a killer opening that entices viewers to watch the show. Depending on the show, these themes may vary in genre and style for each show the music tries to address. Over the years, several K-pop singers and groups have contributed to the long list of anime themes that have become fan favorites. Some notable opening songs that are my favorites include TVXQ’s “We Are” (One Piece) and BoA’s “Masayume Chasing” (Fairy Tail). Here are five K-pop songs that I think would make great anime openings.

Chase Me by Dreamcatcher

You don’t hear too much rock in the K-Pop genre, so the look and sound of Dreamcatcher is something that really stands out among the crowd. “Chase Me” is an upbeat rock song with a heavy guitar melody giving the song an overall aggressive sound paired with lighter vocals. This would make a great theme for a thriller or dark fantasy anime due to its edgy vibe.

My Rhythm by Stray Kids

When I think of anime openings, I also think of high-powered anthem songs that excite the viewer with each new episode. One K-Pop group that comes to mind when I think of “hype” music is Stray Kids who have a great catalog of loud and catchy dance tracks. “My Pace” is a mix of pop and hip-hop with strong electronic elements. It suits an action anime about a hero that really comes into its own, as the lyrics are about overcoming anxiety and gaining self-confidence.

Triangle by Lovelyz

Lovelyz is a girl group that has a softer, more feminine concept and this track fits the group perfectly. “Triangle” is a bubbly pop song about the feelings of falling in love and confessing your feelings. Due to its light sound and lyrics, I think this song would be suitable for a romantic anime. I can just imagine the montage of flowers and people crossing that screen with the song playing in the background.

Grow by Minseo

I love slice of life anime and how each show depicts the struggles of coming of age and transitioning to adulthood. I especially love shows that address sailing as adults as we continue to grow. “Growing Up” is a sweet ballad with a nice guitar sound. The lyrics are about the difficulties of finding the path to choose in life and learning from past mistakes. An appropriate song for a slice of life anime.

Something by TVXQ

I love watching mystery-themed anime shows all the time. When I think of a show with a super sleuth or amateur investigator, I think of a jazzy opening song. Probably ’cause I listened to that jazzy tune playing in the background Case closed OST too many times to count. I think “Something” is a fun theme for a mystery anime with the brassy horns throughout the melody. It’s such a funky song that incorporates a good mix of swing styles and modern dance-pop.

Which K-Pop songs do you think would make a good K-Pop opening? Let us know in the comments or through our social media.

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