5 best love songs of 2020



From mix tapes to fun playlists, love songs have been one of the easiest ways to share with our crush that we love them very much or just show someone who is close to you how much. they matter to you. Whether you’re looking for the most romantic song to share with your SO or just looking for a song to slowly dance to at the end of a date, these songs will totally set the mood and show the other person who you think them. Here are the best new love songs of 2020 …

“What a man has to do” – Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are totally in love and it shows in both the video and the lyrics of this song. Not only do they try to impress their wives with fun tributes to classic romantic comedies, but the song’s lyrics try to show your crush what they mean to you.

“I adore you” – Harry Styles

Harry is totally head over heels in love in this funny and infectious track. Someone totally stole this pop star’s heart and it shows in the song thanks to lyrics like “Let me worship you like it’s the only thing I’ll do.”

“All Me” – Kehlani (ft. Keyshia Cole)

Unlike some of his past songs which have been about heartbreak and breakups, this new track from Kehlani is all about feeling good about your relationship and being proud of it. Joined by fellow Oakland native Keyshia Cole, the two sing about how totally in love with their SOs and how perfect their relationship is.

“Finally // handsome stranger” by Halsey

In a rare acoustic track, Halsey gets real about falling in love with someone new and how scary it can be. But in the end, she learns to slowly fall in love with them, for better or for worse, despite her greatest fears.

“Tattoos Set” – Lauv

In this brand new track, Lauv talks about having a crush that makes it feel like you’ll be together forever. However, he goes one step further and suggests getting a tattoo together, so even if things don’t work out, they will at least have something that they both will remember for the rest of their lives.

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