25 best love songs of 2018 so far – best romantic new songs to listen to now


We take our love songs very seriously, and if last year is any indication of the bullshit we’re going to continue to encounter in 2019, we’re going to need it. Of course, there will always be a special place in our hearts for the classics, but there is no such thing as a fresh song to put us in our senses five (or 10?) Times.

Hit play and pretend you’re in a romantic music video with the best new love songs 2018 has to offer, below.

“Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” – Mark Ronson ft. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is back and taking a very different path from his 2017 album, Younger now. The singer has decided to close 2018 with the release of her new pop single, “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”, co-written with Mark Ronson. While the general theme explores grief in general (“We have all night to fall in love / But just like that, we fall apart”), the clip specifically alludes to the heartbreaking reality of gun violence in America. (“This world can hurt you / It cuts you deep and leaves a scar.”) Watch her perform the song on SNL here.

“Hope” – The Chainsmokers ft. Winona Oak

The Chainsmokers themselves had a year, releasing hit singles like “Somebody”, “Everybody Hates Me” and “This Feeling” (and performed the latter at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show). Next, the EDM-pop duo released their new single with the talented Winona Oak. It fits a lot with their upbeat EDM style, this time reminding us why we’re so much better off without our ex. “I would have walked through the fire to kiss your lips / Do you still think about it, what you did? / You still see your old apartment, like a bad trip / I wish I could forget all the places we’ve been. “

“Be well” – Dean Lewis

If you don’t know Dean Lewis from his 2017 hit song, “Waves”, allow us to introduce you to the Australian dreamboat and his new single, “Be Alright”. This heartbreaking song about betrayal and evolution will give you the right scream you need.

“REM” – Ariana Grande

If you don’t have a crush, “REM” will make you want to find one right away. One listen and you understand how the whirlwind romance of Grande and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson has evolved so quickly. This is one of the best hits from his popular album, Sweetener.

“Lucid Dreams” – Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams” is so surprisingly good, not because of Juice WRLD himself (he released an amazing studio album, Goodbye and good riddance, in May), but because the song makes you feel an unprecedented mix of longing and bitterness towards someone you don’t necessarily have to want to lack. Yet here we are.

“Better” – Khalid

If Drake is the kind resident of Millennial fans, Khalid is the kind resident of Gen-Z. In less than two years, the 20-year-old has forged an authentic and healthy image, showcasing his incredible talent since the release of his debut studio album last year, american teen. The momentum continued in 2018 when he dropped his EP, Suncity, which includes well-being and love hits like “Better”.

“Us” – James Bay

The “Let It Go” singer (formerly opening act for Hozier) is now an acclaimed performer returning with another soulful single from his new album, Electric light. “Us” is full of hope and optimism, a difference from many songs on Chaos and calm (2015).

“Sailor’s Apartment Complex” – Lana Del Rey

Like Lena Dunham so eloquently Put the, “Lana’s new song is perfect. Why are all the songs I want to cry about boys on is produced by my ex-boyfriend CC @jackantonoff.” “Mariner’s Apartment Complex” is Lana’s first single from her upcoming album Norman fucks Rockwell release next year, which will be produced entirely by Antonoff. It’s worthy to tear you apart, but just focus on how good it is and you won’t feel sad.

“Come see about me” – Nicki Minaj

After much anticipation, Nicki released her fourth studio album. Queen this summer. Surprisingly, most people don’t seem to be talking about “Come See About Me,” a rare, intimate look at Nicki’s sweet side. It’s slow, emotional, and I absolutely need more.

“I will never love again” – Lady Gaga

When your dad repeatedly tells you to put on “I’ll Never Love Again” you know it’s a song for the ages. Cry alone in your room, but see first A star is born– where the song came from – to make sure you get all the tears you can get from it. Honestly, it was hard to choose between that and “Shallow, so don’t @ me.

“Who hurt you?” “-Daniel Caesar

Don’t sleep on Daniel Caesar. I repeat: do not sleep on Daniel Caesar. He’s been around for a few years now and is incredibly talented, and “Who Hurt You?” is his first single of the year after his much appreciated Freudian debut album in 2017. The song is sexy and cool. Plus, Caesar’s angelic voice will likely remind you of Frank Ocean. You will see what I mean.

“Travel” – Ella Mai

If you don’t know who Ella Mai is, it’s time to queue up her playlist on Spotify. The 23-year-old British R&B singer released her biggest single, ‘Boo’d Up’, in 2017 and this year Nicki Minaj and Quavo joined the young artist to make a sultry remix. Then came “Trip,” released in August, which reached No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 before releasing its self-titled 16-track album. To say that it is the year of May would be an understatement.

“The end of love” – ​​Florence + La Machine

“I’ve always been in love with you / Could you say that from the moment I met you?” Feel the depths of your soul come to life while listening to “The End of Love” from Florence + The Machine’s new album, As high as hope. This song is as delicate as it is heartbreaking, perhaps because Florence is a literal walking angel (definitive proof here), or because it’s her most intimate album to date.

“Back to You” – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez made her first real summer anthem with “Back to You,” which is accompanied by a very Old Hollywood rom-com-esque music video (see above). As the cultural editor of MarieClaire.com notes, “stylistically, it’s very Call me by the name of Justin Bieber.“For a lighter but still loving atmosphere, hit play on this one with the windows down.

“Summer Games” – Drake

We learned two things from Drake when he released his new album, Scorpio, June 29: 1) He’s officially a #dad and 2) “Summer Games” is one of the best songs from his 25 track album. Yes, there is a semi-playful mix, but don’t be distracted by heartbreaking lyrics like: “You said ‘I love you’ too fast / Too bad for that, honey, summer has just started / And we are already done. ” This is relevant for anyone who has ever ended a relationship before it even started.

“New Light” – John Mayer

When you don’t laugh at John Mayer’s music video for “New Light” – which deserves to be played at every bar mitzvah until the end of time – you’ll remember that, at its core, the song is a plea. healthy for her crush to see it in a new way.

“Stay” – Post Malone

Question number one: Why am I crying in the club? Question number two: How did Post Malone go from “White Iverson” to “Stay?” The simple answer: he’s always tired, and probably wanted to tone down the rest of his album a bit, Beerbongs & Bentleys.

“Girls Like You” – Cardi B brown 5 feet

Come in: the moment in the club where every girl is like, “Oh my god, I love this song!” Adam Levine of Maroon 5 created a catchy love song dedicated to women around the world with his band’s single, “Girls Like You”. The clip features 25 badass women, but let’s not forget it’s really sing the song to his wife, Behati Prinsloo.

“Help Us to Love” – Tori Kelly ft. The Hamiltones

As I mentioned earlier, 2018 has been a hell of a year between Trump’s blatant mockery of the #MeToo movement, his immigration policy that kidnaps their parents’ children, a series of tragic acts of gun violence that have yet to inspire congressional action, and the deaf jacket of his wife Melania Trump, among many other things.

All of this makes Tori Kelly’s “Help Us to Love” more important than ever to be listened to. We very much appreciate his soothing gospel vibes and lyrics like: “This world cries, suffers, is broken and begs for change / Oh yeah / But we walk, pray, die and things stay the same / When will we see / Until ‘everyone is free / There will never be peace between you and me. “

“Call my name” – The Weeknd

The weekend My dear melancholy is essentially a six-song love note dedicated to his exes Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid (although he’s now back with the latter). “Call Out My Name” is specifically addressed to Gomez when he sings “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life / Guess I was just another pit stop”, in reference to his kidney transplant. It’s definitely one of those “you’ll regret losing me” songs that we all have to play on repeat every now and then.

“River of the Moon” – Frank Ocean

Certified charmer Frank Ocean ditched this calming ballad on Valentine’s Day. The song is a cover of the Oscar-winning song that debuted in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and it may or may not make you tear up on the spot because of his kindness.

“Love Lies” – Khalid & Normani

“Sorry if it’s hard to capture my vibe / I need a lover I trust, tell me you’re on my side / Are you ready for the ride?” Khalid’s unique vocals paired with the powerful vocals of Fifth Harmony member Normani create a sultry vibe on their new song, “Love Lies”. As I mentioned earlier, Khalid made his debut with his 2017 album, american teen, and I’ve never been the same since.

“I like myself better” – Lauv

Lauv isn’t as popular as the two artists above, but the 24-year-old’s music certainly doesn’t disappoint. “I Like Me Better” is an upbeat (yeah, you know) head game and will make you think about all the good feelings that come with love. Oh, and the scene in the bus at To all the boys I’ve loved before when Lara Jean and Peter go on a ski trip.

“Faded Love” – ​​Tinashe ft. Future

Tinashe rose to prominence with his hit single from 2014, “2 On” and has been working on new music ever since. Several highly anticipated singles have been released this year, the first of them here, featuring rapper Future (aka the music duo you didn’t know you needed).

“You make it easy” – Jason Aldean

I cannot forget the lovers of the countryside. Jason Aldean’s single from his album Rear view city is very romantic. “With every little thing you do / You are my sunshine in the darkest days / My better half, my saving grace / You make me who I want to be / You make it easy.” Sigh.

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