20 sad love songs for a playlist that will mend a broken heart



Getting through your first heartbreak is very difficult. Friendships break up, relationships end, and self-esteem can waver. Although we know realistically that we are bound to go through seasons of sadness in our lifetime, that does not make the road to recovery less difficult. But there is one thing that can comfort you: your favorite musicians have experienced the same emotions as you before. Sharing their feelings with the world and mending the hearts of their fans, one set of sad love songs at a time, these artists have earned a spot on our heartbreaking playlist.

From soulful pop ballads to 90s R&B hits to contemporary country tunes, these picks span decades and genres. Let Taylor Swift, Adele, Tate McRae and Harry Styles provide the backing track for those times when you just want to be in your feelings. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy as lyrics like “No Words Can Explain How I Miss You”, from Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down” and “Because You Said Forever , Now I’m Driving Alone in Front of Your Street” from Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” will bring tears to the surface you didn’t know you were holding back.

Whether you’re going through a rough breakup, vibes in your bedroom, or need a late night road trip playlist to clear your head, here are the best sad love songs to get you deep into. your feelings.

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