20 Classic Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Black Songwriters



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Here’s why Black History Month is celebrated in February

Everyone in the United States knows that February is Black History Month, but few seem to know the story behind it. A TikToker, named Kirby, told his followers how the big month started and why. “Have you ever wondered why Black History Month is in February?” Kirby asked. “Did you ever think America was mean and gave us the shortest month of the year?” . While it’s no surprise that this is the reason, the real story is much more interesting. Black History Month actually started with Black History Week, as Kirby explained. The week was created by Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926. Woodson was a historian, journalist, and founder of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. Woodson chose the second week of February because it coincided with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass (February 14) and Abraham Lincoln (February 12). each has been celebrated by black communities since the late 1800s. The scholar believed that black Americans must preserve their culture, history, and traditions or face erasure. The week grew in popularity over the decades until black educators at Kent State University proposed Black History Month in 1969. In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month. black history in honor of the national bicentennial. People shared their experiences with Black History Month in the comments. “My school made it a ‘kindness month,'” one user lamented. . “Someone at school doesn’t learn much about Black History Month? Just me?” said another. . “Thank you for teaching me what school didn’t do in the most real way,” someone wrote.

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