15 must-see rock songs from 2021 to date



We’re only at the waist in 2021, and rock has already given us an ocean of new tracks. Below are 15 must-have rock songs released so far this year. The tracks range from classical, blues and southern sounds to dance-tinged, progressive and metallic gems.

Foo Fighters “Make a Fire”

Dave Grohl’s team tries na-na-na-na-na dance-rock, and the lamé is fine.

“My way, soon” Greta Van Fleet

Road song with a guitar tangle and golden chorus melody.

“Only love can save me now” The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen kills a muddy headbanger, with an assist from half of Soundgarden.

“You hear Georgia” Blackberry smoke

The Rooster Anthem is an instant Southern rock classic.

“Social debris” Alice cooper

The shock-rock legend cuts like a guillotine on a return to Detroit’s roots.

“Another last time” Dirty honey

A breakup-sex hard rock ballad for the ages.

‘Returning’ Crown Lands

A prog-boogie tribute from the rising Canadian duo to Rush drummer Neil Peart.

“Lifetime” solar bomb

LA Guns guitarist Tracii Guns and Stryper singer Michael Sweet evoke classic metal, and Guns’ solo melts time.

WVH “remote” mammoth

Wolfgang Van Halen’s beautiful ode to his Pop, guitar legend Edward Van Halen.

“Trouble is Coming” Royal Blood

The English duo make a mirror ball raver.

Smile “Wolf Alice

Metallic reversal, progressive keys and rapped verses defy the parameters of rock, a 1989 hit from Faith No More, “Epic”.

Waste “No Gods, No Masters”

The hit-makers of the 90s sound energetic, electronic and of the moment.

“So hot” Cherry tree

Festive rock with impeccable clarity. (Pedialyte and morning-after pill not included.)

“The end of the game” Weezer

New Rule: Every Weezer song should now open with a Van Halen-style tapping guitar.

“Sad but true” Saint-Vincent

I don’t have much time for famous musicians who do note-for-note covers as singles, however, on the other hand, Annie Clark’s Reznor-ish Metallica reinvents rock – and is skillfully juxtaposed with his blues guitar.


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