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Some of the greatest songs of all time have been written about the ups and downs of this thing we call love.

From club bangers to soulful lollipops – about devotion, lust, long-standing romances, and even early crushes – there are plenty of love songs to choose from.

For some, it will be movie classics like “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adam (1991) and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (1992) that will make them cry. For others, it will be more recent tracks like ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele (2011), ‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna (2001) and ‘Thinkin Bout You’ (2012) by Frank Ocean that will remind them of a lost love, summer romance or painful breakups.

But beyond wedding floor fills and Heart FM rehearsals, what are the ultimate love songs of all time?

Here are the best love songs, according to the ELLE team and the celebrities:


‘Everywhere’ – Fleetwood Mac

This introduction … makes us breathe in and out calmly, quickly followed by an instantly bright smile as the rhythm begins. The lyrics are about the all-consuming stages of love where all you want to do is be with a person all the time.

Written and performed by the group’s Christine McVie, she sings with authenticity: “Something’s happening to me. My friends say I play a special role. Come on baby, we better get started, you better do it soon before heart. “


“Something Stupid” – Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Wait, this song from 1967 is actually not just another made up love song, says writer Lian Brooks.

“Even though it’s a classic, it’s refreshing and awkward in its effort not to be just another love song:“ I can see it in your eyes, you still despise the same old lines you heard the night before. ”I love her because of that and because Frank and Nancy Sinatra are the best.


“The Best” – Tina Turner

A classic. A hymn. An icon. But also, it’s a love song as George Driver, ELLE’s digital beauty editor tells us, “I love the lyrics,“ I’m stuck on your heart. ”Obviously I have a lot. love for Tina anyway, but that slow-motion song actually makes for a great ballad like when Patrick serenades David in Schitt’s Creek.


“All I could do is cry” – Etta James

Okay, now it might not be a happy ending love song, but it’s the ultimate story of unrequited love, ELLE fashion editor Daisy Murray said.

“Etta James sings as she watches her true love marry another woman and far from charting a Hollywood ending, James doesn’t interrupt the nuptials… all she does is cry.”



‘Moon River’ – Frank Ocean

This Johnny Mercer song appeared in one of the most romantic movies to date and had Breakfast at Tiffany’sStar Audrey Hepburn sings it with a guitar on the window sill of her New York apartment.

But when Frank Ocean ditched this version on Valentine’s Day in 2018, all of our hearts stopped.

“For me, the song mostly connects to myself in New York, I remember the first time I heard it, I was walking down Lafayette Street at night,” says presenter and director Fenn O’Meally “It’s so delicate and powerful at the same time, that one song just stirred up so many feelings. It always is, every time I listen to it.


‘Love Letter’ – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The magnificent and haunting ballad of 2001 will make anyone with a broken heart cry and feel a little less alone in the world.

“The lyrics are really, really nice – it’s the kind of song you can put on the train and imagine you’re in a movie,” says Julia Harvey, ELLE’s fashion assistant.

“Besides, you have to like a song with a powerful violin. “


“I want to be” – Arctic Monkeys

“It’s the most romantic, unromantic song of all time,” says Katy Young, beauty director of ELLE.

Lines like “Let me be your speedometer” and “I’ll never run out”, or “I wanna be your setting lotion (I wanna be) / Hold your hair with deep devotion (How’s it going? ) ”Will melt the most icy of hearts among us.


‘Levitation’ – Dua Lipa

When Dua Lipa chose to revamp pop music and give us all something to enjoy in the gloomy 2020, she delivered some serious love songs as well.

“Levitating” is about the floating happiness that love can bring, when the two of you are feeling against the world, in a non-obvious, non-ballad form.


“The mountain is not high enough” – Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye

The 1967 hit single, recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, became a huge hit in the 1970s when Diana Ross sang it and it went number one on the US charts.

It all depends on how far we would go for those we love and this is a singer Joy Crookes favorite.


“Love in the Brain” – Rihanna

Rihanna’s music catalog is often about love, but in a variety of ways. There’s the anthem that fills the dance floor asking where her love has been “all my life”, the pop-history-worthy invitation to stand under her umbrella, and the rousing direction for her beau to be. ‘bow because he hurt her.

But the one that is often overlooked is ‘Love On The Brain’. Stirring, heartfelt and punchy, every word about love Rihanna sings in this song feels like a punch in the guts.


“Inside my love” – ​​Minnie Riperton

The 1975 song is about falling head over heels in love and was most recently brought back into social consciousness by FKA Twigs, who recently posted an Instagram video of her pole dancing.

Whitney Harrison, ELLE’s reservation assistant, said of the song: “Soul music from the 1970s is my favorite genre of music – that’s what I grew up hearing my mom getting ready to go out. . Now I always listen to this song when I change and put on makeup for a night out.


‘Petit L’ – Jamiroquai

Love songs can also be alternative disco anthems, don’t you know?

“He’s a guy who half explains how obsessed he is with this person, half groaning at not getting much from them – all wrapped up in quintessential funk,” Lian explains.


“When I Fall in Love” – ​​Chet Baker

The jazz trumpeter and singer first released this beautiful dedication to Eternal Love in 1959, and it hasn’t lost any of its appeal in the years that followed.

“It’s a timeless love song and it instantly relaxes me, whatever my mood,” says singer Nina Nesbitt.


‘Baby’ – Summer Walker

At just 1 minute and 28 seconds, this Walker’s love song will have unrequited lovers singing.

“Where do I even start with Summer Walker?” Says Rebecca Judd, Apple Music host.

‘She was my favorite artist of 2019, she released her amazing debut album Above last year, but in 2018, she dropped her project titled “Last Day of Summer” and I’ve been in love with her ever since. Few artists make me feel what she feels. ‘


“Friday, I’m in love” – ​​The Cure

Long before Craig David got lyrical about the days of the week and their romantic appeal, Robert Smith – the lead singer of The Cure – made hearts beat faster everywhere with this number one track on the 1992 charts.

“This catchy track never fails to make me dizzy, like I’m falling for the first time,” says Lena de Casparis, ELLE’s director of culture. “This is the ultimate, get ready for a hassle-free love hymn weekend.”

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