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Who said Spooktober was the only time the rock industry flourished? We’ve rounded up 13 of metal’s greatest love songs for you to spin this Valentine’s Day weekend. Some are old, some are new, some are soft, some are heavy… and one is a landfill.

Thank us later.

Evanescence – ‘Take control of me’

At number 13 we have the queen of emo, Amy Lee, with “Taking Over Me”. Sitting on the eighth track of Evanescence’s debut studio album, Amy Lee pours out in this issue as she details the excruciating pain of heartbreak.

Lamb of God – “Walk With Me Through Hell”

Virginian heavy metal hunk, Lamb of God released this colossal track in 2006, billing itself as the intro to their mammoth fifth studio album, Sacrament. What could be more romantic than one of your favorite bands asking you to walk the fiery depths of hell alongside them?

Papa Roach – ‘Scars’

This song is the epitome of an emo ballad like Jacoby Shaddix sings, “I tear my heart out, I sold myself short, my weakness is that I care too much.” From lyrics to music video, this absolute anthem is the pinnacle of the sad-emo moment of the 2000s.

Bullet For My Valentine – “Bittersweet Memories”

It would be truly illegal to write this play without debuting our boys, Bullet For My Valentine. And what better than to evoke their absolutely melodramatic anthem “Bittersweet Memories”. We love this track, and the music video is a complete world. In “Bittersweet Memories”, Matthew Tuck sings a moving piece about the end of an unhealthy relationship by a sudden breakup.

Hate – ‘Is that really you?’

Loathe is an imperative heavy metal band that people should follow right now. After dropping their debut studio album, I Let It in and It Took Everything last year, it has since become very apparent just how much the band has to offer. This stunning album is corrected with such an amazing track list of 14 remarkable tracks. “Is it Really You” is this powerful, powerful progressive track that gets you in the mood.

Nine Inch Nails – ‘Closer’

“Closer” is such a sultry, twisted bop – certainly more lustful than amorous. But I think it can definitely pass for an essential love song this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Bring Me the Horizon – ‘Fifteen Fathoms, Counting’

This short interlude is criminally angelic, and that’s why you have to accept that it’s an undeniable love song. I love this track and this scene from Bring Me The Horizon – full of hellish screaming vocals and dizzying riffs. What an era.

6.Deftones – ‘RX Queen’

Deftones, “RX Queen”, is from their 2000 third studio album, White Pony. It’s a twisted love song, with Chino singing: “because you’re my daughter, and that’s fine. If you sting, I won’t mind. A few of the Deftones love songs have this tone, creating this shimmering balance between light and dark tendencies.

Rammstein – ‘Diamond’

It might seem slightly controversial to mention such a new Rammstein track on this list, but “Diamond” is a strong track. Translated chorus line, “you are beautiful like a diamond, pretty to look at, like a diamond. But please let me go, what strength, what brilliance, beautiful as a diamond, but only a stone. We fell in love with this track when I heard it on their last self-titled album.

Slipknot – ‘Snuff’

“Snuff” is a beautiful love song that gives you Corey Taylor’s alternate vocals, and it’s so sweet and mellow, amongst nonchalant acoustics. But what’s so great about ‘Snuff’ is that it’s still very basic Slipknot, hitting you with such a massive instrumental and progressive chorus.

Skunk Anansie – ‘Low’

The ULTIMATE breakup song, at number three, is Skunk Queen herself Anansie with her 1995 love song “Weak.” This song is honestly so powerful, because singer Skin — birth name Deborah Anne Dyer — expresses some of the harsher realities of dealing with a sticky breakup. You can’t help but wonder who messed up our daughter.

Three Days Grace – “I Hate Everything About You”

At number two we have the iconic Three Days Grace with “I Hate Everything About You”. With the lyrics that follow, “Why do I love you?” I’m pretty sure every emo kid has listened to this Three Days Grace One-X album, and to be honest, it was a sweet compilation of a lot of pent up anger spread across thirteen tracks. “I Hate Everything About You”, believe it or not, is indeed a love song and a certified banger. You’ve heard of an independent landfill, now you’ve entered a metallic landfill.

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Can You Feel My Heart’

This song is a true masterpiece. Sempiternal is easily one of Bring Me’s best albums, second only to Count Your Blessings and their latest, Post Human: Survival Human. “Can You Feel My Heart”, no matter how many times you listen to it or how long you go without it, will always sound.

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