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Cynicism is a growing phenomenon in music. Real love songs are hard to find these days. Named after Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” Yellow Diamonds is a lyric series in which VIBE editor Austin Williams celebrates songs that sound like love found in a hopeless mainstream.

In the Thursday (May 26) edition of this column, I mentioned my girlfriend and celebrated our third anniversary in Puerto Rico. Because we’re both cursed with an unlimited work ethic and limited PTO, our journey was tragically short. But for the few days we were able to get away from it all, music was essential to our experience. From the merengue and salsa tunes that marked our private dance lesson to the tree frogs that sang to us to sleep each night outside our villa-style accommodation, everything we heard heightened the romance of our baecation . This includes the songs we played throughout our stay.

There are a few key ingredients that determine what counts as baecation music. Of course, love should be at the center of every song, preferably a carefree and simple song. There must also be a warmth to the music production that matches the climate of most bathing destinations. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, each ballad should contain enough nostalgia and friendly lyrics to inspire impromptu duets between lovers.

With all of these factors in mind, I’ve compiled 12 crucial baecation love songs for keeping the good vibes going on your own romantic getaways this summer. Whether you and your partner are beachgoers, tourists, or expert explorers, check out the music below for ideas on what to add to your travel playlists.

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