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Is it spring already? On days when the heat gets harsh and you long for the spring breeze, our list of the best love songs will surely be there to wrap you in a tight hug. When the going gets tough, there’s nothing like escaping to a land of saturated hues to forget all about your reality and what better way to have a quick getaway than a handpicked playlist of the best songs on the planet. love of all time?

The best love songs are the ones that whisper sweet words like cure spells, from slow R&B to pop super hits, our compilation has them all lined up for your listening pleasure. Among an abundance of breakup songs these days, the love songs that pierce your heart are hard to find. Especially when the great names in music of the past decades have given us gems that can never be erased.

However, some hits that we all love and listen to religiously have been sifted through to rack up our list of greatest hits like the romance staple whitney houston‘s I Will Always Love You or legend Etta James’ At Last. Scroll down to browse our compilation of the best love songs of all time.

Check out our list of the 12 best love songs of all time:

Best Part – HER ft. Daniel Caesar

By far one of the best love songs ever made, the song’s slow beat takes you to a dreamy island where love is all you can think of. The track’s R&B/Soul origins elevate the song’s delicate lyrics which are more of a gentle plea rather than grand proclamations of love, adding that mystical touch to the song. Along with winning the hearts of millions, the song also swept the critics by winning Best R&B Performance at the 2019 Grammys.

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

One of the most well-known love songs, this Frank Sinatra number is and will remain a timeless masterpiece. First written in 1954, the song’s jazz and pop undertones are enough to make you fall madly in love with the track. The lyrics are literally out of this world, talking about the moon and stars makes this the best choice for a slow dance number on the floor with your date.

A Teenager in Love – Dion and the Belmonts

Released in 1959, this song does the beach vibes justice. At the border of several genres, the title is a mixture of R&B/Soul, Children’s Music, Pop and Rock. The song has stood the test of time and is still considered one of rock & roll’s best. The song’s cheerful tunes belie the sheer elan in the lyrics.

You Send Me – Sam Cooke

Another 1950s legend, this Rhythm and Blues song has a little soulful edge to it. The song is so beloved that it is one of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The track is pure bliss to listen to and with just a small amount of lyrics expresses the deep feeling of a love that was surprised by the brilliance of Sam Cooke’s voice.

Love Songs – Kaash Paige

Left to 50s Rock & Roll vibes, this R&B/Soul track is the perfect cure for rainy day blues. Slow but never boring, this Kaash Paige song is a rare find with its lyrics that have a touch of reminiscence, the song is a sweet lullaby with the most dope flow.

We fell in love in October – Girl In Red

By Norwegian indie rock singer-songwriter Girl In Red, the song brings back some retro vibes with its mix of alternative and indie. The song became cult due to its Women-Love-Women themes and was a huge hit with the LGBTQ community. This song also takes on dreamy visions as the singer weaves layers of fluffy utopias with her vocals.

Certain Things – James Arthur ft. Chasing Grace

A very realistic take on relationships, this song is sure to touch your heart in the most tender way. The voice of James Arthur could be the 8th wonder of this world, especially associated with the brilliance of Chasing Grace. The track is basically an authentic love song as the lyrics reinforce the palpable rawness of Arthur’s voice.

Never Not – Lauv

A great pop hit, Lauv‘s Never Not is simply delicious. Although pop is a genre much despised by music connoisseurs, this song proves that a pop song can not only be meaningful and profound, but also worthy of critical acclaim. The lyrics imitate wedding vows while maintaining a melancholic undertone.

Put your head on my shoulder – Paul Anka

Yet another hit from the 50s, it would be criminal not to add this masterpiece to the list of top love songs. Not only was this track a hit when it was released, but it recently went viral on social media with new remixes of the song. Another reason for the immense popularity of the song is the 1999 health book film 10 Things I Hate About You in which the protagonist Patrick declares his love for Kat as he plays the song on all the school speakers. The mix of Pop and Blues genres makes the song unique.

Thinking of you – Rodriguez

A sweet blend of rock, folk, blues and country, this lesser-known Rodriguez song is for all the romantics lost in the world who like to dream of their unrequited love. The song’s lyrics perfectly encapsulate what a hopeless romantic is all about with sweet tunes and shady beats. The 70s song is even suitable for 21st century romantics.

I can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

This world-famous song by Elvis Presley has been one of the most covered songs in decades. From musical legend Bob Dylan to the Swedish group A-teens, many took a whiff at the track. When it comes to love songs, there’s nothing better than Presley’s vocals paired with the song’s polished lyrics.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

A more recent home run from the master of the love song himself. The sensational track stormed the charts and won several accolades. Besides awards, the song has become the national anthem of all couples in love. In addition to the song’s moving lyrics, Ed SheeranThe vocals add a deep undercurrent to the track.

Comment below on some of your favorite songs to add to our list of the best love songs of all time.

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