10 TV-Themed Instrumental Songs That Actually Have Lyrics



In the world of TV Theme Songs, there must be some memorization. In today’s terms, we call this “tacky”. In other words, is the theme song so catchy that it sticks with the audience long after the show has aired. This is quite a difficult task for a songwriter or music producer to accomplish, especially when they only have about 30 seconds to capture our ear.

Frank Okay via Unsplash.com

Frank Okay via Unsplash.com

To be honest, some TV themes have become so entrenched in our culture that they’ve become popular hits on their own. The range of these ranges from the iconic Dukes of Hazzard Theme who scored big on the Country Music charts at the ever-hummable friends themewhich was actually a massive Top 40 hit on the charts.

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Some TV themes are so iconic that we can sing along to them. We all know”climb on the east side“, and “Thanks for being a friend“, but did you know that some of TV’s most iconic instrumental theme songs actually have lyrics?

In some cases, the producers of the TV show had to choose whether or not they were going to use the instrumental version or use the version of the song that included the lyrics.

I know, personally, that a lot of the instrumental TV themes that have become part of the fabric of American culture actually feel out of place when you add the words. In some cases, knowing what the lyrics are or were supposed to be really changed my perspective on how I viewed the song and the TV show it represented.

Let’s take a look at ten of television’s most iconic instrumentals. Did you know these songs had lyrics?

10 Iconic TV Instrumental Themes That Actually Have Lyrics

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