10 terrible rock songs from legendary rock bands



Over time, you cannot expect to achieve perfection forever. Even with some of the greatest bands of all time, not everything they release can truly be called a masterpiece every time. Then again, if you had to sacrifice quality, you’d think it would be at least a little better than that.

Across several generations of rock music, these rockers produced both the best and the worst that rock had to offer in its time. Granted, not every band gets to a terrible song by not trying. Sometimes there’s a lot of creative input involved, only for the experiment to fail. Other times, it’s the producer who turns something that showed a lot of potential into absolute trash. Hell, there are even times when the song itself is decent but the band itself isn’t the right person to sing it.

And on the worst occasions, there are bands that write bad songs because they’re creative and just trying to cash in on a track that seems to appeal to kids these days. Compared to the classic material these artists have to offer, it’s tantamount to nose diving in terms of quality and plummeting all the way to the bottom.

Some of Britpop’s biggest fans have spent the past few years washing their hands of Oasis’ Be Here Now. While not a colossal failure by any stretch of the imagination, it feels like the moment the whole Britpop movement concaved in on itself and began its downward slide. And while there are some decent songs on this record, stuff like Magic Pie doesn’t help the album’s case.

After going through great singles like D’You Know What I Mean, it’s the only track that kills virtually all the momentum on the album, with some of the dumbest lyrics Noel Gallagher has ever written. Again, it’s Oasis! We shouldn’t have to worry about lyrics that don’t make sense, especially since we’ve listened to stuff like Digsy’s Dinner all the way through Definitely Maybe.

The big issue here, however, is the accuracy of the band’s play. At least on the jokes of the last albums, you could tell that the group was at least having fun. With Noel having basic chords strumming and singing about how he’s got his magic pie, it’s not the same kind of nonsensical song to turn off your brain. It’s as if one of the greatest songwriters went back to basics out of sheer exhaustion.

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