10 Songs That Make Upgrading Bearable



As the summer heat lingers and the hills at Ohio University seem to get steeper by the day, what is only a 5 minute walk to class in the morning can feel like more like a grueling trek through miles of unseen quicksand. However, as the saying goes, music is the best medicine. Here are the 10 best songs to make that painful hike on Jeff Hill a little more bearable:

Let Ol’ Blue Eyes serenade you to the top of that hill with a classic swing. Accompanied by some of Count Basie’s finest 1950s jazz pianos, “Fly Me To The Moon” features Sinatra’s distinctive crooning and giddy lyrics that could put a smile on anyone’s face, even those heading to class before the sun had a chance to appear.

With a title that speaks for itself, “Out of the Woods” is the perfect testimony to reaching a better reality. Whether it’s getting out of a relationship gone bad or just stepping into an air-conditioned building, this moving and powerful number from 1989 will take you all the way.

“Rebel Rebel” is insurance for all the misfits, outcasts and challengers of the norm. With a punk guitar riff that could be recognized from miles away and Bowie’s unique and passionate vocal performance, this song will lift your chin and speed your step all on its own.

“How Will I Know” remains one of the greatest dance songs of all time and certainly one of Whitney’s greatest ballads. Her voice rises like no other, and the energy and enthusiasm she puts into her performance will make anyone who listens jump.

Until the heart-pounding cover of The Marching 110’s “Crazy in Love” drops on Spotify, Beyoncé’s original rendition will just have to do the trick. Beyoncé remains unrivaled in her vocal performance, and with a powerful horn section behind her and a killer verse from her husband, Jay-Z, this song remains unchallenged in its ability to get people moving.

From the opening piano motif to a chorus that’s impossible not to sing, “9 to 5” is the unspoken anthem of hardworking people everywhere, including us Bobcats. Let Dolly inspire you with her courage and soft yet enthusiastic voice to face the day, starting with the walk to class.

Even though it might not look like it when they stand at the base of intimidating Morton Hill, Marvin and Tammi prove that there really is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to pull you away from your class. This soulful classic is the perfect motivation to reach the top of that hill, and it’s the promise that you’ll feel like dancing the whole time you do.

Along with music being the best medicine, it has often been said that music can feel like a friend. “With a Little Help from My Friends” casually encourages the idea that anything is achievable, whether it’s the help of a friend or just Ringo Starr’s voice singing in your ear.

The characteristic of this song in some of the most intense action sequences of recent years speaks for itself. A truly outrageous punk anthem by one of the craziest girl bands in history, “Cherry Bomb” is just as uplifting and inspiring today as it was 45 years ago.

For a slight change of pace, “Fast Car” will take you on an emotional journey that will hopefully inspire you as you embark on your own. Chapman has one of the most serious vocals of his generation, and when paired with his achingly fiery lyrics, you can’t help but be inspired to do the one thing it all boils down to, just keep going.



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