10 rock songs that were written as a joke



When you sit down with a song, it’s up to you what to write about. One time you might want to sit down and rectify a love ballad, the next you might want to talk about conquering all the known planets on the other side of existence. Then again, you never know when humor could actually be used for inspiration.

After trying to write the same formula for a song over and over again, these kinds of songs were written for a joke just to pass the time between takes. Whether or not the jokes are meant to be funny is almost irrelevant, as long as you know the true meaning of the lyrics. Compared to the usual sex, drugs and rock and roll of yore, these songs can sound eerily refreshing whenever you see them in nature. After years of hearing these bands banging the same riff for hours on end, it’s good to at least have some breathing space when they’re in the joke.

As much as these acts can claim to be serious demeanor, that doesn’t mean they’re not up for some fun when they write a song. From sarcastic remarks to downright hilarious entries, it’s the tunes that are a lot more hilarious than you probably remember.

The whole Britpop movement has always seemed to be something exclusively related to the British Isles. Aside from a few Oasis singles making waves in the US, most bands like Pulp and Suede have never really had a chance other than to drop to the bottom of the rock charts. While that seemed to change with Blur Song 2, most Yankees didn’t even know it was practically a pisstake.

After abandoning the more distinctive British isms brought to albums like Parklife and Modern Life is Rubbish, Blur’s eponymous was practically designed to move away from their trademark sound. Just to start, Song 2 wasn’t meant to be a precursor to the album at all, with Damon Albarn writing it to poke fun at the post-grunge that was all the rage abroad.

Then again, that cynicism paid off when the song’s WOO-HOO chorus became nearly impossible to get out of your head. Not thinking too much about the song, the guys just gave it the placeholder name Song 2 just because it was the second song on the album and it only lasted 2 minutes. As far as it can hold up over time, Song 2 is still the only Blur song that’s both a cheeky pun and a banger at the same time.

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