10 Rock Songs That Contain Obvious Mistakes



No musician is born truly perfect. Even if you have guys like Eddie Van Halen who have more natural talent in their left thumb than a lot of us have in our entire body, everyone is going to have their days off on stage and in the studio from from time to time. It’s the nature of the music business…only those mistakes were etched in time forever.

Because as classic as some of these songs are, the musicians confessed to making glaring mistakes when recording the song. It doesn’t just have to do with the production behind an album though. There have been countless artists who have run into bad productions over the years…you have to do a little more to end up on a list like this.

Going through each of these songs, the artists in question have been known to do everything from mangle a guitar part to stopping completely to make sure everything is on track before moving forward. Otherwise, it would be considered incredibly unprofessional, but there’s a certain wonder to choosing something like that in the world of rock and roll. These little mistakes make you feel like a fly on the wall during sessions, as you see different iconic tracks and their subtle imperfections.

Chances are, whatever Queen decided to do in the mid-’80s would sell like gangbusters. Fresh off their career second wind which came at the Live Aid performance, Freddie Mercury felt like the ultimate leader, ready to bend the band’s sound into the next generation with ease. So for their first recorded song after their time at Wembley Stadium, Queen came out with all the guns blazing…with a little humor in the mix too.

Coming right after their stadium rock era, One Vision is exactly the kind of Queen song you’d want, with the pounding guitars that came out of songs like Hammer to Fall and put into a more badass context, especially since it was meant to be a part of the eventual Highlander soundtrack. Then again, something this over the top is not lost on a band like Queen, and there have been plenty of shots of them goofing off in the studio singing whatever comes to mind when they followed it.

One of those blunders ended up in the song’s final line, however, as the band continues to build and build until they ask someone to give them fried chicken. For a song like this to sound like the ultimate rock anthem, hearing them talk about craving poultry pulls you out of the song so hard it’s almost comical. It’s also not the non-professional comedy genre. It’s the kind of charming aside that makes you want to hear the track over and over again just to see what they were talking about.

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